Anime: Naruto Will be Getting A Live Action Film

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Naruto Goes Hollywood!

As it pops around in the web, Naruto Uzumaki is getting his first ever live-action film adaption. As Lionsgate acquires its license, to bring the series locally in the U.S, considering it’s a film by Lionsgate. We expect this film to be distributed worldwide across the country. Shonen Jump the popular Japanese manga publisher/magazine, announced on their Twitter that Director Michael Gracey will be working on the adoption of the Anime series. Once known as the series to popularize the Anime/Manga scene in the United States.

You may know Gracey as the man working on the upcoming film: The Greatest Showman, featuring Zack Efron and Hugh Jackman.

In another Tweet by Shonen Jump, the series’s creator of Naruto, Kishimoto Masashi (岸本 斉史) is helping with the pre-production of the film, currently, there is no release date set for the film, no further announcements have been made following.

like many people, we’re worried about the adaption of the film. Especially focusing on the cast area where many wish that the film will feature an Asian cast that suits it. Considering the film has been an adoption of said series.

As you can see expectations are significantly high, considering the series background. Naruto is about finished now, but a spin-off is coming soon. Following his son Boruto Uzumaki, it will be published and then distributed as an Anime thereafter.


Author’s Note: One thing I have to say in an honest opinion, is that hopefully we’re not getting screwed deeply with this Hollywood adaptation. I personally enjoy the series and if I have to see some bullshit of a cast or little to no understanding of what this film is, then there is no chance of it being a success. On CNG we speak our minds, but also give you the latest news.

Last modified: December 21, 2016