Fire Emblem Sashays into Spring with Easter Event

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Fire Emblem Heroes Easter

Fire Emblem Heroes is trying its darndest to stay relevant and squeeze every last dollar out of your bank account. On March 30th, a new hero focus group will be released with Lucina, Chrom, Camilla, and for the first time, Prince Xander of Nohr, in colorful, bunny-hatted Easter costumes. Instead of the demonic blade Sigfried, Xander comes with a slap-happy carrot!


The promotion doesn’t consist of simple reskins however. Camilla, for example, will be the mobile game’s first flying mage. It remains to be seen what other perks come with these perky little cuties, but if you ever wanted to see your favorite Fire Emblem royals in skimpy bunny costumes, now’s your chance!

The announcement was made via twitter by FEHEROES_News.

Happy egg hunting!

Last modified: July 3, 2018