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Anime: Sequel Announced for Sailor Moon Crystal

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After the ending of season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal, fans have been eagerly awaiting for the 4th story arc, ‘Dream’ to come. This year marks Sailor Moons 25th Anniversary since it’s debut in Japan. With that in mind, Series creator Naoko Takeuchi should be pretty excited having her series spring to life once again for fans across the world to enjoy. No further details have been announced about the Sailor Moon Crystal sequel however while we wait for more information. There will be several Japanese Blu-Ray sets for the original animations from 1992 up until 1997 when the series saw an end after 7 years of production.

Sailor Moon on going project

Sailor Moon Project

Sailor Moon Original Series Blu-Ray Release dates

Two Japanese Blu-Ray sets are to be released on the following dates in Japan, starting June 14th for one set and August 9th priced at about 21,384¥ each. Which roughly equates to almost $190 USD. A bit pricey for Blu-ray sets don’t you think? Each set contains 23 episodes, which should place you 46 episodes in the 200 episodes that were originally released.

Sailor Moon Crytal

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Last modified: January 25, 2017