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iPhone 7 Talk Getting Pretty Serious?

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Will all the news flying around, Apple is soaring, Why you may ask? Because of this damn new iPhone coming out near October, People are starting to believe that this new iPhone will be an extremely dramatic change. Here’s why

The new iPhone has been supposedly stated to have an all wireless capability, but wireless even to the extent that headphones would use a headphone plug to connect to a headphone jack. Reason is? Because Apple is removing it! These are just rumors and I’m not one to believe it, but man can these artists really fake the design or even make them so close to real, I’ve seen photos and I’ll be posting some soon in this article, many have asked how will we be able to listen to our audio now, well the idea people are throwing out is that Apple plans on using headphones that are only compatible with Apple’s lightning port, meaning headphones would have to plug into where you charge your phone, so Chargphone ? See what I did there ? NO? Okay. Anyways exactly like I’ve said that’s what they plan on the new device being, along with other features being listed I’ll quickly fact them down now!


Edge to Edge Screen

Now an edge to edge screen might sound awesome, but think about it. You’ll be touching everywhere on the screen because you need to hold your phone the way you want, as well as not only having troubles holding the phone so you won’t interrupt anything you’re doing, you have to worry about breaking the screen if you’re applying too much pressure.


No Physical Home Button

The idea behind this is that Apple will be taking out the Home button physically and applying it to the touch screen sort of how LG phones work now, I believe this can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how the fingerprint reading technology will work as a unit, and if it’ll allow users to continue use without freezing like many phones have before.

No Headphone Jack

The iPhone 7 will not have a Headphone Jack as rumored by many, hopefully this isn’t true as we need wired headphones they bring out that quality of headphone and plus I don’t think people want to be developing headphones for 2 different devices so they can work.


No buttons at all

Everything will be touch sensetive and implemented in the screen, I’m not sure how I feel about this really, it could have potential to freeze suddenly and then you really can’t operate your phone until the freezing stops

Speakers on the side of the phone

I’m pretty sure this would be a benefit, as people would get a more clearer and crisp stereo sound from a phone with speakers on the side.


Okay so that’s it for now, or what I learned as more continues to pop up I’ll reach back to this article and keep you guys updated! Enjoy


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Last modified: March 30, 2016