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Is Apple Trying too Hard for a Wireless World?

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Recently Apple has been handing out surveys to a select few people to review their Macbook Pros in the decision to keep the headphone jack or not, but this article is not going to stop just there because we have a few personal opinions on the subject and we’re pretty annoyed to see this happen as we like Apple, in fact, I’m using an iPad at the moment to review the iPhone 7, so let’s get started, I’ve been using a Macbook Pro to write my articles and topics and I have to say it’s a pretty awesomely overpriced piece of machinery, I do like that it’s a sturdy piece of hardware, but that doesn’t change the fact that the price is way too high for what it is. Apple has decided that the best way to kill off something in one device is to kill it off from all other devices, iPhone7 and now if the survey passes the Macbook Pro will have it’s headphone jack killed off as well, rumours say they will also reduce the amount of ports on the system, making it a USB-C multiport, like the latest 12″ Macbook. As we all know how overpriced Apple is, these “Executive” decisions will also mean that we as the consumers will be expecting to pay for all the added additional accessories and of course each is more overpriced than you would expect even though they break just as easy as you hook them up. We’ll give you a few examples of it how about it? Cool.

Apple’s Earpods are just one of the few examples for the wireless future that Apple is trying to put together but, it’s obvious to see what they are actually trying to do. Magically priced at a whopping $159.99Apple's Earpods

I mean is it absolutely necessary to take out a standard port? USB-C is soon to be the standard of course, but taking out almost everything from the MacBook is a bad decision on Apple’s part considering how many people use them, such as the SD Card, USB 2.0/3.0 ports, HDMI port and headphone jack, if you want to kill something kill the thunderbolt port because I have had no need for it for a very long time, probably back in my apple display days and even then there was such a lackluster support for it, it hurt pretty much everyone’s wallets, Thunderbolt is really awesome don’t get me wrong with up to Gigs of transfer speeds you can’t go wrong, but that kind of progression is not in the norm just yet.Apple Cable ports


Why is this keyboard even this price? There’s not even a numerical keypad for it, didn’t it use to have USB ports on the side of it as well?  $99.00

Apple Keyboard

Alright well that’s enough bashing, because even though the prices are too damn high I have to admit a few things and it’s that their products are always pretty and nice to handle they feel really well built and I prefer that over a plastic any day, but it still doesn’t implore me to cash out, as I can buy a $1000 PC and it will have all much better specs that the Macbook Pro 15″ would I could probably install OSX if I wanted too as well.

Now as for the wireless world, we were speaking about earlier, as you can see Apple is pushing something that isn’t really wanted by the consumer, it seems it’s just another tactic to take money from our hands especially those people who will breathe and die Apple, unfortunately. We know they’ve gone too far with taking out the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, but now it’s getting worse and we hope Apple comes to their senses.


While being wireless is nice, Apple is also contradicting themselves in that they want so much less use of wires, but give you wired headphones that plug right into the lightning port, then they provide you with the lighting charger cable, then if you really wanted to listen to your music and charge your phone at the same time there’s no way to do that,  Apple’s got you covered, but this time it gives you the Auxillary Headphone jack with the lightning cable connector a little adaptor. Digital Audio is not as pure or as “realistic” in sound as Analogue is, audiophiles can explain this. I’m terrible at engineering information about audio, but I have a common knowledge that digital is not the best form of audio. Especially when using Bluetooth. Let’s show you the adaptor, shall we?

Headphone Jack






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Last modified: September 18, 2016