It's a Super Mario Run Waahooo

Mario Run announced for IOS oh hell (Yes)

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Oh my goodness so:

Yeah this happened and we at CNG are so extremely hyped for this game not only is this going to be the first Mario game on the IOS, but it’ll be the first to all devices and all things mobile, now we are going to discuss the game and talk about some really cool aspects of it that we really love so let’s go!

Skills required

So this isn’t just your run off the mill temple run type of game where you run endlessly through space gathering coins, in this beautiful classic, you’ll not only collect coins, but you’ll need some skill to be able to perform special double jumps, wall jumps, slides, hangs and much more, as Mario is moving across the screen it’s something very different from many mobile games that just kept you doing a basic 1 2 step to achieve better in the level in this Mario mobile game you’ll be engaging in several activities in which, if you collect enough coins or items you will earn a bonus time or bonus coinage and as you see how the trailer plays out it seems that all those coins that you are collecting could be used for something within the game, probably increasing Mario’s jump ability, running ability or increase the amount of items you get.

Keeping a Classic Fresh

so what we really¬†love the most about this Mario Run game is that it’s keeping the authentic Mario Platformer style and just shaping it for a mobile world, you don’t see this in many mobile games today as they want you to pay copious amounts of cash in order to gain items that increase your entertainment value, but with Mario Run it’s following the original formula that Nintendo has created over these many years and just improved on it, for example on one point in the video you can see an opening above Mario, where he can jump on the wall and if you’re quick enough can jump across the other side of the wall until you get to the top of the new platform, but if you fail to do so presumably you’ll just go straight through the path that was originally intended for you. This just enhances the theme that Mario will ultimately surpass the charts on the App Store because this one will be a very entertaining one at that!

You will need to buy, but only one time

So Nintendo is setting a price on this Mario title and that’s fair every gamer needs to know that Nintendo at least wants to have the funds to continue production on one of their most beloved franchises, but they also noted that once you pay they expect you to only pay once, no recurring payments nor many micro-transactions so they pretty much expect you to have a kickass time! Which you will, during your experience with this game. Go Nintendo!


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Last modified: September 8, 2016