5 things you should know before seeing Doctor Strange

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Stephen Strange will be making his debut in the MCU today FINALLY!! The good doctor has played a major role in many of the Marvel comics, a role that in my opinion, has been undermined when it comes to the big screen. But now that the wait is over, here are five things you should know before getting your ticket to see the new Doctor Strange movie. 

1. This isn’t his first time on the big screen.

Movie goers and comic book fans alike were generally pleased when Benedict Cumberbatch was casted to play Doctor Strange. However he is not the first to do so. Peter Hooten played Stephen Strange in the 1978 film Dr. Strange nearly 37 years ago.  The promo cover is everything you would expect out of a 1970’s superhero movie. Thank goodness for modernization.

The chain is snazzy

2. He’s in the ILLUMINATI!!

Well he’s in Marvel’s version of the Illuminati. A group that also includes Tony Stark, Charles Xavier, Black Bolt, T’Challa, Namor, and Reed Richards. This secret organization was created to make ensure control from behind the shadows. They’re responsible for many key marvel moments, such as the time they sent the Hulk to another planet for Banner’s safety and earth. (A plan which ultimately backfired).

Now you’re playing with power

3. He actually was a doctor 

Before he became the Sorcerer Supreme he was an ordinary neurosurgeon. He badly injured his hands in a car accident, thus the reason he casts spells instead of brain surgeries these days. 
4. He rescued Dr. Doom’s mother from hell

When Cynthia Von Doom made a bad deal with Mephisto she found herself trapped in hell. Every midsummer’s eve Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom enter the fiery gates in attempt to rescue Cynthia’s soul, ultimately succeeding. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see that in the movies, but it’s still a cool fact to know. 

5. Him and his squad are absolutely bad-ass 

As you all know I am VERY keen when it comes to spoilers, therefore I’ll leave the identities of these characters at bay for those who want to experience the film fully fresh faced. However let’s take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of this photo. It’s purely bad-ass and makes me even more excited to see what’s in store today.

So dope and A+ for Marvel diversity

 While the Avengers are fighting alien robot giants, Strange is in-between dimensions on a demon slaying mission. This Doctor is no joke and he will be a breath of fresh air in the MCU. 

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Last modified: November 4, 2016