Captain America: Civil War movie review

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Hey guys, it’s GODmadethunder here!

Captain America: Civil War is hands down the best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. If you haven’t seen it yet let me just sum it up this way: expect your expectations to be exceeded. And I’m honestly not even exaggerating. As a huge Marvel fan I couldn’t help but hold in the nerdgasms. Everything about this movie is just epic! I mean DAMN!! Where do I even start?!?!?

First off do not be fooled by the title. The plot of this movie is much bigger than the character it’s named after. I think of this movie as more of a prequel for the upcoming 2-part Avengers epic. There’s no Thor or Hulk which I guess some people might’ve been disappointed with but regardless of how many superheroes show up, it’s still not an avengers movie. I’m not gonna spoil anything (without warning of course) but anyone who is familiar with the civil war storyline should already know what ultimately happens. For the true fans, this was more of a test to see how marvel studios was going to act out the story arc. And holy hot damn did they body this one. 

"Hey everyone"

“Hey everyone”

My thoughts

It isn’t easy to introduce new characters into an already developing universe. Even a hero as popular as Spider-Man needs a back story, at least for the casual viewers who may not know that much. I think they did a great job at doing just that. For anyone who is wondering; no, we don’t have to go through another uncle Ben death scene and yes, he is already dead when spidey is introduced. Both the web-head and the Black Panther were acted out immaculately and it’s easy to see why they are the favorites in this one. Initially I was skeptical about Tom Holland because I’ve never heard of him, but now when I think Spider-Man I can only picture him in the suit. He succeeded in an area where Andrew Garfield couldn’t, he broke the stigma that Tobey Maguire is the end-all be-all Spider-Man. Chadwick Boseman was just absolutely phenomenal as Black Panther, he slayed that role in a way I feel no other actor could have. This was also my first time seeing Ant-Man on-screen. I decided to skip his solo film just for times sake but now I’m rethinking that. His character is very very dope and Paul Rudd plays off the cast perfectly. The recurring characters all performed splendidly as expected. It’s always great to see Scarlett Johansson in action, since she’s so badass and drop dead gorgeous at the same time. This just might be Robert Downey Jr.’s most emotional performance as Iron Man. In this one we get more of an insight on his past which is a tragic one. Chris Evans also goes all out as the good captain we all know and love. It’s very easy to side with Captain America because who likes following rules anyway? How boring would the comics be if it was just the government bossing all of our favorite superheroes around? The rebellious spirit within me would automatically side with cap, but one has to consider all the damage the Avengers have actually caused. Whether you are team Stark or team Cap, the ending will not disappoint. Trust me. 

All the action packed sequences are there. The battle where both sides face off and then charge each other is just sinfully epic. The fights were satisfying to watch because of the different powers clashing and the pace. No team had the upper hand and all the heroes got equally f******d up lmao.  I personally feel there was a lack of comedic relief in the film, but then again this is a serious movie with a serious tone so I guess they tried to focus on that. 

*punching fist emoji*

*punching fist emoji*

Better than Batman V. Superman?

I can’t answer this question since I have yet to see BvS but most people who saw both films are telling me civil war was better. Right now Marvel is just killing it and DC is pretty much playing catch up. The first Avengers movie came out in 2012, and the Justice League movie wont drop till November 2017. Marvel is literally way ahead of the competition (5 years ahead to be exact) and I think it’ll stay that way.

batman-v-superman (1)

It’s a shame this didn’t live up to the hype. smh

In conclusion, I must say Captain America: Civil War is a magnificent piece of work. Props to the Russo brothers for taking everything we love as comic book fans and mashing it up like this. Speaking of mash, my grandma just made some mashed potatoes so I gotta jet. But before I go, I gotta give this one a solid 10 out of 10. Great work team.


Last modified: June 26, 2018