Fan turns Majora’s Mask into something of beauty (Fan Film)

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The Story.

Today is a very special day for Zelda fans as we continue to embark on a long quest to increase the lifespan of our most beloved series, a few fans have decided they would take it upon themselves to create this wonderfully beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and horrifying experience of Skull Kid’s Origin story in the video above we highly recommend you check it out and share your support to this channel on YouTube. Here is the story of the short film above:


Hey Listen! This is a spoiler to the main game if you haven't played The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
The story sets it’s base at the point in which the Happy Mask Salesmen finally discovers the powers of the Majora’s Mask that he had claimed a while back, knowing of the power that it contained he took it upon himself to make sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands, but as the story goes and how we all know it so well, Skull kid who is referred to as the “imp” by the Salesmen; moves his plans towards stealing the mask, shooting a dart at the salesmen, the salesmen is looking at the Mask of Majora and realizes the dangers it holds, at this moment the skull kid takes the plunge and steals the mask, the mask already looking for a host to dwell on, it stumbles upon the weakness of the skull kid and decides to feed on it amass returning it’s ultimate power once it is placed on the imps face.

And a few words from the Creators of the short film, which I personally felt that it was much appreciated for all of their hard work into piecing this together for all of us Zelda fans to enjoy.

A tribute to the legendary game, this short showcases Skull Kid’s dark origin story. Our take on how the Zelda Universe could be realized in film. A labor of love for all those involved, this is a gift to the fans.<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="" target="_blank">EmberLab</a></span>

What really stands out to me, being an enormous Zelda fan and I’m not talking about “Little ass Zelda Fan” I’m talking like I have a few display cases keeping of all the collection secure and dust free so I can pass it down to my children, kind of fan, but what I really loved was that the creators focused the story on the skull kid, they pieced together detail that brought the paths together between the Happy Mask Salesmen and the imp. I absolutely loved the visuals as should anyone who watched this film, I highly recommend you watching it in 4K because the quality, contrast of colors are outstanding and it brought about the vividness of the Zelda series as a whole especially with a dark film such as this. This film representing much more, than just a mask being stolen and giving power to an individual, it represented loneliness, anguish, pain and suffering the Skull Kid had felt, after meeting his fairy friends he was having more fun and felt he had people to look for, but deep inside there was still a pain that resided within him, and that was the loss of his previous friends I am not going to spoil the ending of Majora’s Mask because that is where you will find out about what really happen to the Skull Kid and his reason for revenge. The sound, the landscape the overall appearance of everything fit in so well, and it was worth it to sit for the 4 minutes watching it, every moment was special.

This has been a Zelda Post and I’ve been a Ginto. I’m out!

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Last modified: November 22, 2016