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Pokemon Go Adds 80 New Pokemon In Generation 2 Update

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In an unexpected shock to everyone, after the initial release of the valentines day weekend patch, the developers behind Pokemon Go, Niantic will be releasing 80 new species of Pokemon from Generation 2 later this week. If you’re not familiar with these Pokemon, they are from the Johto region. These new, yet old Pokemon are set to start popping up in your game sometime soon. You’ll be able to catch the starters Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile as well as other gender-specific variants.

Along with that, they’ve added a few new features to the game, changing the behaviors of individual Pokemon, so if you liked having the Pokemon jump around like dog hunt, don’t be surprised if you see them attacking you or flailing around like a wacky inflatable tube man. They’ve also revamped the UI/UX and improved on what the game was lacking including an option to select whether you want berries or a Pokeball, while you’re about to capture a Pokemon. The selection screens have seen a more ‘organized’ improvement, a cleaner interface that works well in a partition to what you’ll be needing to set out on your wild adventure. (pun intended)

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They’ve also given properties to berries, some may enhance your ability to receive more candies from catching Pokemon and others will affect the way you catch your Pokemon, either slowing them down, causing sleep, or maybe even paralyzing them. You will have the chance of obtaining these berries through PokeStops, evolution items will be found at these PokeStops and you don’t have to pay through micro-transactions.

Avatars will have more customization options including, new gear, new styles, apparel and more. We’ve yet to hear about what that might entail.

Niantic, Inc has also made more changes to the game itself, improving the power consumption, tinkering out a few bugs and making sure the game doesn’t crash as often as it did when Pokemon Go first released back in July. Hopefully, this patch will allow the phenomena craze of Pokemon Go to continue a little further as the wave passes down.

CNG will keep you updated on any new information that pops-up, for now, expect to see Pokemon Go’s update later this week.


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Last modified: February 15, 2017