Breath of the Wild

9 Tips and Tricks For Starting Breath of The Wild

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1. Beware Of The Elements

In Breath of The Wild even nature has surprises in store including getting electrocuted by lightning, freezing in the snow, burning in heat and even dying from the fires you start. Make sure you pack in resistance items such as food to prevent your demise. Pay attention to the stormy weather, as wearing anything metal will increase the chances of getting hit by a lightning strike, be sure to unequip your armor in a storm.


2. Use Your Runes

Runes are an essential part of survival in Breath of The Wild. From crossing rivers or placing metallic items in a certain position, runes are used everywhere. The key is to be aware of your surroundings and be creative.

The Magnesis Rune – gives you the ability to lift metallic objects above ground through a wavelength, effectively you can use this ability to lift flats off the ground near open waters to create a sort of bridge that you can cross over.

Statis Rune – Stopping the time of metallic objects offers a few opportunities if you’re trying to solve a puzzle. Such as stopping the shrine boulders from falling out of the sides or freezing time and hitting the object times, in which it will sling your item in the opposite direction. The more times you hit an object while it’s frozen the farther it’ll reach where you want it to go.  You can also use this rune as a form of detective mode mapping out any possible weapons and or consumables.

Bomb Rune (Square and circle) – The Square bomb can be used on terrain where the surface is steep or jagged. It’s best to use this when those mentioned conditions are met, where a round ball would roll down the hill. The Square bomb will not. If you need to roll a bomb or in any case throw it farther you use the Circle bomb. Play with the physics in order to get the timing down, especially since you must detonate each bomb.

Cryonis Rune – Using this rune, you can freeze the water around you into tall pillars that are both solid and can be used as protection especially against tougher foes, use this rune to your advantage to push over obstacles, lift gates up and create a step ladder into the next section of your overworld.

3. Check your logs

 Be sure to check your adventure logs from time to time, to get a grasp of where you’re going. The logs contain information, on side quests, additional quests, and main quests.

Breath of the Wild Overworld

4. Thinking Outside The Box

 Being creative and proactive when you’re in a massive open world is essential to survival. The enemies are hard and sometimes you’re not strong enough for them, so be prepared to find an opening or use a rune or two to defeat them.

Breath of the Wild

5. Cooking

Cooking is the basis for heart management, as this is the first Zelda game to not reward your health by cutting through grass and smashing pots. Cooking not only recovers your hearts but also helps you create elixirs, resistance and much more to assist you along the way.

6. Use Your Amiibo

If you currently have some of the Zelda related Amiibo that have been released over the years or the more recent ones that came with the release of Breath Of The Wild, then betcha you can use them. Each Amiibo rewards access to different materials, items, potions, elixirs, characters and much more. However be wary, as you can only use each Amiibo once a day.

Breath of the wild

 7. Don’t forget your transportation!

It may seem obvious, but what many don’t know is that the paraglide is able to inflate through heat. Burn a bunch of grass, jump and fly over the flames you’ll generate a delightfully strong boost. Don’t forget about horses either! You can catch these majestic beings in the wild through wrangling be careful though because they will fight back. Bears, elks or any larger animal, can also become another form of transportation, although are more dangerous than the other to mount.

I know many might have forgotten, but be sure to use Shield-boarding. It’s especially convenient to use this way of travel down mountains or landslides if you don’t feel like taking the trip back down using the paraglider. Pressing the jump button and the shield button after the jump which should allow you to start sliding down.

Lastly is fast travel, if you need to get from point A to Point B in the quickest time frame possible. Fast Traveling across the massive Hyrulian world is a great option. While it’s fun to ride your compadre, it’s better to get there as fast as possible, if you don’t feel like taking a long stroll.


8. NPCs are your best friends(Sort of)

NPCs aren’t just used as shopkeepers, they roam the entire overworld wherever your hero is located. If you gab on with some of them for a bit, they will give you side-quests to indulge in. If you’re short on cash you can use the old weapons and items you’ve acquired and sell them to the merchants for Rupees. NPCs will often time be in a predicament of distress, where they require you to assist them and in return, they will reward you with some delicious treats. Such as Rice balls. Each NPC has their own character and every interaction is different from the last.

9. Use Wolf Link as your companion

If you ever feel alone and need a companion then don’t fret, you can have an amiibo by your side. Using the Wolf Link amiibo from Twilight princess will allow you to use Wolf Link to assist you in your quest. One cool thing that comes with this feature is that the amount of hearts that are on Wolf-Link in Breath of the Wild, are dependent on the total amount of heart containers you had in Twilight Princess HD.

Last modified: March 9, 2017