Animal Crossing New Leaf: Get’s Major update

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Nintendo went live this morning to publicly display the latest updates that were mentioned previously by them; for their popular 3DS title: Animal Crossing New Leaf. This game is an amazing, peaceful and all around great time waster because honestly who wouldn’t love to spend time building up your town as mayor and having an awesome village following made up of animals? Shit, I know I would absolutely love that. Well, we can just go through a few of the vastly large major things that will be showing up on the update to the game let’s go ahead and list them below shall we?

ComedyNGaming’s Favorite Animal Crossing Updates

Animal Crossing Amiibo Support

Amiibo Support

Yes! Animal Crossing New Leaf will be supporting Amiibos and this time they actually help you out, using Amiibos as mentioned in the video, allow you to bring special guests out including tom nook, and they also provide you with several items depending on which Animal Crossing Amiibo you place onto the system, if you play the newest mini games which we’ll take about, you can use the Amiibo to help you win in them, don’t be a sore loser 😉

Desert Island

Animal Crossing New Leaf: New Minigames

Desert Island –

Desert Island is a new mini game being introduced where your main goal is to get the hell out of the island in a matter of in-game 7 days, you must gather and quickly find materials to build a raft to escape, but must do it in a  timely fashion another awesome thing about this minigame is that you can gather your friends and journey together as you try your hardest to win and pass the minigame.

Puzzle League –

Puzzle League is a mini game where your job is to play Tetris to your heart’s content until you complete all of the rows and pass through several levels in order to accomplish one goal, and that’s saving the villagers hell yeah!

Animal Crossing Update

Updated Chat System/ Interaction

Animal Crossing has updated their chat system to make it just a bit more reliable when you need to come into contact with your friends, including being able to mute your party and messages have gotten much sleeker, I personally love this feature because I had many friends come over to my new town to play with me, but there were just too many people chatting at once and they all weren’t with me at the same time, with these features it’ll be much more convenient to read a message before it fades away.

Secret Store Room –

Secret store room is a way to store your items in a “cloud” sort of space, no more will you have to have a physical object to store your items (EX. Closet, Drawer), you can easily just open up the storage tab and store whatever items you need to store, this feature is especially awesome considering all the time it takes to take something out and put something back, so with this you can continue on doing whatever you need to do.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Link Zelda Legend

See Hyrule, like never before

Yeah you read that right, see Hyrule like never before because with the latest Animal Crossing update you’ll find a green minivan marked with Hylian code to tell you that you have found some Zelda characters to encounter, including Wolf Link, Medly, Epona and much more, you can even find some cool secret items including rupees and treasure chest, using your Amiibo to have them show up in your game,  I personally love this feature because this makes me as a Zelda fan want to jump up and down at how absolutely awesome this is, I mean do you see how beautiful the freaking hair looks?! Oh c’mon you gotta be kidding me, the hair, the Hur, the errythang ~ Sorry that was a bit unnecessary, but yes there are absolutely a stunning amount of features that have been added to this 3 year old, and for Nintendo to want to come back to it and keep it fresh they have really outdone themselves, even going as far as to making this update FREE so please be sure to tune into your animal crossing once it releases this holiday season.

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Last modified: November 5, 2016