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Artist Creates Dragon Quest Art out Of Chalk

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While we were browsing the web we were pretty late, but encountered this DAMN awesome most delicious thing we’ve ever seen I’m talking about love over love from my peoples in Japan to my peoples up at the Art Industry check out what this awesome video has to show below and you’ll be amazed:

A Japanese artist was hired by Square Enix themselves to recreate a Dragon Quest monumental wall out of just Chalk, now I’m probably going to be the only one, but I freaking hate Chalk! Well hate’s a strong word it’s kind of a mutual dislike, but it screeches and makes you feel like you just ate a cardboard box, but this woman decides to woman up and pursue her passion using nothing but just that. Like I’m pretty freaking amazed that she was able to make it look like it had been painted, it’s pretty awesome to see, and not for nothing, but she has the battle scars from trying to recreate such art look at those BAND-AIDS Oh goodness someone praise her(no saracasm intended). If you check out the video above then you’ll probably witness this all go down yourselves and I highly suggest you guys go share this with your friends, cousins, neighbors, dogs and more! Not only is this art so so badass, but to be able to process thought when answering questions and then drawing at the same time, you are no ordinary human my lady, so kudos to her work.


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Last modified: June 1, 2016