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Blizzard’s Overwatch comes out soon and it’s feeling the Love!

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So I’ve been doing some soul searching for some Video Games to play and I’ve heard the buzz of Blizzard’s new game called ‘Overwatch’, now what exactly is Overwatch? Well if you guys know how our awesome formula works we write a headline then tell you so WAIT, I’ll get to it! Don’t rush this beauty of an article.  In all seriousness though, we really love the way this game is turning out to become, we found it to be just as enjoyable as World of Warcraft.

What is this game about?

Overwatch is an Multiplayer First Person Shooter game, that features squad-based combat with two opposing teams of 6, so that was a mouthful, this game is basically a rendition of all FPS games, but slightly with it’s own ‘Heroes’ as they call it, it enables the use of Support, Attack, Defense and Tank. Which are the roles of the different heroes abilities. These can be strategically used to gain the advantage of the next enemy who wants to talk that SHIT, and get his S#%T shot off, why didn’t I censor the first S#%T, cause I don’t give a S#%T! You feel me? Great, but this game is really taking the cake, because not only is having these Team Fortress Like roles more enjoyable, they allow you to have a lot of fun with their visual appearance and quick paced gameplay, Since this is set in the near-future Earth, your characters also have unique abilities, they provide for quickly evading enemies and pushing for your target goal.


Game modes and Gameplay:

Gamemodes for Overwatch include:

  1. Assault – The attacking team’s objective is capturing two target points on the map, while the defending team must stop them.
  2. Escort – The attacking team’s objective is to escort a payload while on a time limit, the defensive side must stop you at all cost, sort of like Brink’s objective missions.(Go play that game too)
  3. Assault/Escort –  Attacking team pushes payload to extraction point, while defense holds them back
  4. Control – Just like Capture the Flag, control a main paint, and keep it until you reach the final score.

The gameplay is pretty freaking cool and if you want to take a look at it you can, as I posted a video from Overwatch’s Official Youtube Channel PlayOverwatch, you can see how awesome this game looks and pretty much I’m sure why you can see, that so many people are enjoying it.

I’m assuming you watched the whole thing if you didn’t then go back and watch it, come back again. I’ll be waiting……………… You watched it?! Good! If not, you’re terrible. So as you can see it’s very uniquely fast paced, and it brings a lot of interesting things to notice, I would say the biggest thing that really hits my eye is the amount of teamwork that’s included I love to see teams work together and because this is a game where a person’s Hero has different abilities it looks like you need other Hero’s (or members) of your team to help you stride better in this challenge against odds against the enemy. pretty cool and nifty right?

Some Characters to Crave more:

I gotta say of all the characters Tracer is Bad ooooooooooh ( I mean like she looks fine! Hot damn!) So good job Blizzard all I have to say.

Extra details to know:

So in a coming conclusion to this article about Overwatch, I just want to talk about the last things I have to talk about this game and that would be it’s release date, DLC and where to Pre-Order.

So you can pre-order the game here:

Currently for pre-ordering you can get a widowmaker DLC for Noire.

The games release date is: May 23rd 2016

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I’ve been Ginto and I’m Oooout!

Last modified: May 15, 2016