Bungie to host “Guardian Fashion Show” Ahead of New Destiny Age Of Triumph Event

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Bungie’s final livestream before Destiny’s Age of Triumph drops on March 28th is set for Wednesday at 10am Pacific time and will focus on some of the event’s new gear and ornaments. Or, as community manager David Dague put it, “Next week, we’re hosting a Guardian fashion show.”

Age of Triumph will be Destiny’s last hoorah before the launch of Destiny 2 sometime this fall. Here’s an overview of what we know so far:

No Destiny event would be complete without a new record book, and Age of Triumphs is set to be Bungie’s largest and most difficult to date. There are 13 pages of achievements to complete, ranging from conquering the updated raids to completing Crucible objectives to recovering dead Ghosts. While dedicated Guardians may find many of their achievements already completed when the update hits, new or more casual players will have a lot to do to reach Rank 7 and unlock the personalized Ages of Triumph shirt from Bungie.

One of the most anticipated features of Age of Triumph, especially for long time fans of the game, are the updated raids. Not only will all of the raids be updated to a 390 Light level, making them fun and challenging again for players at or near the current 400 Light cap, they will also be rewarding with the arrival of new raid gear sets and ornaments. There will also be updates to bounties and story missions with a new Weekly Story Playlist of 380 Light level missions, as well as some added features for the weekly Nightfall strike including the return of the 25 percent experience buff and a new modifier called “Daybreak”. Daybreak turns on the Epic modifiers but also increases the recharge rate of grenades, melee attacks and super attacks like the Crucible’s Mayhem modifier.

Speaking of the Crucible, it too will be experiencing some changes once Age of Triumph hits. In order to streamline matchmaking, Bungie will be narrowing down the Crucible playlists to six, with five core playlists and one rotating playlist. Private matchmaking will remain on the bottom row and, of course, Trials of Osiris isn’t going anywhere.

In addition to the new and revamped Age of Triumph gear, Guardians will also be able to collect any of the event-based items they may have missed in the past three years from Treasure of Ages boxes. You’ll be able earn three of these loot bags per week from completing Strikes, Crucible and story missions in the featured playlists. If you have your eye on something specific, you’ll also have the option of buying items through the Eververse.

Age of Triumph is expected to run until mid-August of this year, and while Destiny 1 will still be online after the event is over, many are speculating that Destiny 2 won’t be far behind.

Last modified: March 22, 2017