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Can any Franchise from Nintendo turn ‘Go’?

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The What.

With all the popularity that arose from Pokemon Go would it actually be surprising that the thoughts of many people would have been to make another type of ‘Go’ series for any of Nintendo’s Franchises? I mean just picture a Starfox ‘Go’, where you have to traverse different planets and gain experience by fighting different enemies, every area marked on the map is completely randomized and you have to travel to complete a story from within the game, not only that but you would be able to interact with friends by forming groups to make the planet takeover much more pleasant. Anyways before I get too ahead of myself, these can be just the few ideas from which could Nintendo’s franchises make out. This article isn’t just about my theory, but people all over the interwebs are getting in on the action, posting epically awesome memes and showing off their design skills, creating a Zelda Go, Mario Go, and even a Yu-Gi-OH ‘Go’ series even though that ain’t Nin-ten ~ do (Get it? Like ‘Though’, but instead it’s Do?…)

Nin-ten ~ Do — Copyright 2016 Quote by Ginto | ComedyNGaming R.I.P 3011 (No jokes)

The Content.

This Parody done for Yu-Gi-Oh fits into many fans of the series description, by YouTuber YugiNoNo Please watch below:

As you obviously saw by that very official trailer for Yu-Gi-OH Go if you wanted to put the D on Dark Magician Girl, it is a very useful move for gaining her as a card. So when this releases please be sure to, gather all your D cards as they obviously are the best option for one hit smash on that ass. Besides my idiotic vulgerness, people are even going on with a bunch of posts suggesting the ideas and We’ll just show you whats going down so far:

The Legend of Zelda Go is trending so much, but the ideas are pretty obscure.

No way Ragman No Way.

In any case we can’t really know for sure if we’ll actually gain another ‘Go series’ game, but if there were to be another we would be on top of it like there’s no tomorrow I mean if we’d just imagine a pot smashing Go series where we gain rupees, fight enemies and venture through a miniature canonical quest in the Zelda world it’ll be a ball, because I absolutely love Zelda and know that it’s going to be life playing that with friends, but the needless to say if this were to actually be a real thing Nintendo would raise to success almost immediately again as they did with Pokemon Go and the new NX as well will give Nintendo the push they needed to comeback to the playing field with a full arsenal of new brands and games that they expect to deliver in the next years coming soon. With theory come many many questions though, will Nintendo be able to make it a hit again? Will they succeed into the new generation of gaming? Well I could tell you here, but that would be so lengthy it’ll distract you and make you end up leaving the page, for now let’s close it off here and we’ll definitely keep you posted on all those related topics that you might actually really enjoy!

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Last modified: August 19, 2016