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Creators of Outlast Enjoy Scaring the SH*T Out Of You(Literally)

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Red Barrels UnderScares

The creators of Outlast, also formerly known as Red Barrels is campaigning and it’s not what you can imagine, they’re deciding that if shit hit the fan while you were playing one of their games, it was most likely you because now they are campaigning for the making of Adult “Gamer” Diapers I’m not sure if this is a joke as much as the backers have already supported it, but they are really creating these diapers from all of the Outlast feedback, fans have been seriously quirking around about the idea that Studio Red Barrels should make some diapers for when they’re getting too chicken shit to play the game and gotta go. Now personally as much as it grosses the living SH*T out of me, these are what they were intended for anyways, apparently in their Kickstarter for what they are calling UnderScares, they are describing it as a man’s best friend when the horror games are just a tad bit too much for you to handle. They currently have a few backer options available including an Outlast Chapel in case you feel that  you want a scaled replica of the Outlast structure. Another option includes the Deluxe UnderScares with the description of and we quote:

Equip yourself for the most explosive Outlast 2 sessions with this limited edition of Underscares and get an Outlast 2 steam key to put them to work.Red Barrels Team

So you have those various amounts of options just in case you want to SH*T with much luxury, and the only problem you have now is, if you’re going to use it as a Gag or actually do your business, it’s your call my friends, but we’re just going to leave you the link to it and you can be off with your merry ways, holiday season is coming soon so start thinking about those gifts đŸ˜‰

Red Barrels KickStarter Campaign

Last modified: November 28, 2016