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DOOM Comes out and it’s freaking awesome!

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Following this awesome title, you’ll find that the most awesome thing was the release of DOOM today! I know, I know we’re late on the whole release thing because technically by the time I finish this article you’ll say the release was yesterday, but  who cares?! That’s what we do best, if we aren’t late, there’s no HATE!? Anyways let’s do this

Console we played on:

We played on the PS4 and while we saw had no interruptions with it we saw some damn imperfections, you know like the moment you’re about to drink milk cold, but forgot you left it out all night and you know if you don’t put it back it the fridge it’s undrinkable. Yeah that feeling. You don’t drink milk, well F#$%.

What is Making This Game so Awesome?

The action and interesting way into developing a story, but really I personally believe that this game pursues the idea of having the old formula of the DOOM series turn new again, I love that the old enemies are still there with some newbies joining the squad, some of my old dudes with the sagging bodies include Demon, Zombieman, Lost Soul, of course one the most influential to the series Cacodemon takes a one night stand with the latest release and so many other enemies with various differences in abilities. One thing they excel at and is personally one my sensational mojo flow is that they managed to keep the game entertaining by bringing the badies in groups or pairs. The graphics are also a big plus as they increase the visual experience of the whole game, with you being able to really see these old school enemies come back to life like never before(Sounded like a Disney expression). It’s an all around death destroying, home tarnishing, brain quenching game you’ll be in love with the moment you get it out of the box at home, caress the disc with all love and emotion, wow I should see someone.

Some issues Contained within the Game.

So I’ve found some issues with the game, since we’re ComedyNGaming I’m not just going to joke around and write a totally bias opinion about a game with clearly some issues so! Let’s get to that part. I will list them below:

  1. Texture problems, they are a downgrade on PS4, little choppy texture clipping is a thing of the past gracefully.
  2. It’s a bit slow, not in framerate, but in the campaign, you find yourself repeating a little bit in the beginning as you advance forward, DOOM series wise hit you with enemies, moments straight from the start.
  3. Framerate yeah it’s great, but PC master race is taking this W PS4 version of DOOM likes to stutter.

If I find any other problems with this game I’ll update this article, but as of now that’s what I got so far from my first play through.

Visually Appealing ??

Our Overall rating and experience:

So this is the first time we’ve decided on a rating system for deciding whether a game should fit into your game library or whether it should not, and we’re pretty chill about this too. We’re still designing the design scheme towards how the system will look, but for now we’ll just give out the numbers sound good? Great. So let’s begin:

1. Overall Experience: 4.7
2. Replay Value: 4.5 out of 5
3. Experience: 5 
4. Blood and gore: 5+
5. Visual: 4
6. Story: 4

We had an overall entertaining experience with this game, and we want many more to play and enjoy it as well. So for us this game is highly Recommend and we want you to get out there and buy the hell out of it!

Go buy the game now, what could you wait for?

Sorry if this article has been a bit run-off since we are starting a new formula for all you gamers interested in knowing about AAA titles and others furthermore, we will try our best to enhance the experience and ability to rate these games better, consider THIS A TEST AND WE WILL TEST BECAUSE WE HAVE THE RIGHT, SO DEAL WITH IT MOFOS! I love you guys and gals though

I’ve been Gintooo And I’m Ooout!

Ginto facts #21: There are 3 areas in New York I like the most, One which houses a a building that raises to skies the other, Lays beyond a dead man near the sea a park of Japanese.  The last fills the streets miles on end, green it screams, a castle weighs to break.

^ Anyone who can figure that out can come see me to kick my ass. Nuff’ said.


Last modified: May 14, 2016