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Epic Ball-Busting Moments of DarkSouls 3

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This week on ComedyNGaming’s Special Comedy instituted timeframe we have the legendary Dark Souls battling its own fan base in an attempt to make you crawl up in a ball and lose your hair faster or even make you piss yourself in an unordinary fashion, it’s basically up to your emotions. With that being said we have users literally getting their shit kicked into them and kicking the shit out of some baddies, without further ado here’s CNG’s:

Ball-Busting moments of Dark Souls 3

– Provided by gfycat

This week up or rather what we’ve gathered for today, features spoilers and lots of em’ if you’re new to the Dark Souls Series please be aware of this!

“It’s Dangerous to go Alone, So you should probably not go at all.” – Dark Souls Theory of dick moves

Moving forward with the clips I just wanted to share some brief history I had with the Dark Souls series when I played the first ever one, I knew I would be pissed off a thousand times over, because the first death I received was fighting a fucking skeleton with a sword, but it wasn’t that it killed me one time that seriously provoked me to shove my controller in my ass like this kid did,Controller Ass no reason

but getting killed multiple times by it really does go to show that this game can honestly get my blood boiling, in fact when I first trialed the game, I stopped playing because I was ashamed that I could not for the life of me surpass this god forsaken skinny skeleton, eventually I got back on and tried my trials again successfully completing the game after putting it 100+ hours trying to beat it. Well, I’ve rambled on for too long, let’s get this show on the road!

Giving us an excellent dramatic opening comes user: (PaleMagnificentCottonmouth) as hilarious as his name is so is his clip of the defeat of the Nameless King –

Isn’t this like a Sasuke and Naruto fight? (Get the feels and popcorn).

Another awesome clip comes from user: (AchingCookedCheetah) for his hide-and-seek tactic, but what comes, in the end, is quite a sight, why this happens? No one knows for sure –

Is he disappointed in himself? Is he in agony? Well, you can find out never.

Next Up here’s how a dick move becomes more detrimental than you would think with this annoying little clip by user who has a rather long username: (DismalSpiritedAltiplanochinchillamouse) –

Just look at his own character whimper in the defeat of some asshole fire throwing skeletons.

Our fourth and last enjoyable clip come from user: (WarlikeGreenCollie), who decides manners are too mainstream and pimping isn’t with this clip:

Just look at him/her teaching that soul a lesson about respect, yeah that’s right stay like that.

Closing it off

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Last modified: September 30, 2016