Fire Emblem Heroes has Many Features but Few Orbs

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Fire Emblem Heroes is stepping up its content game this week. Between a new Grand Hero Battle featuring the blunt but noble swordmaster Navarre and a new voting gauntlet that pits Pegasus Knights versus Wyvern Riders, the mobile app is not lacking for things to do or heroes to hunt.

Unfortunately, the game’s two free bonus orbs a day promotion, previously extended an extra month for March, has come to an end. For many avid Fire Emblem Heroes players, the daily login bonus had become the main way to obtain orbs. There’s the daily arena quest that offers one orb for killing a bunch of enemies as well as the monthly tasks, which bequeath a couple extra ones here or there….

However, going from three orbs a day to just a single one essentially freezes free-to-play players’ progress to a snail’s pace. This is especially ironic considering that this week, there are more hero focuses than ever (two for the Gauntlet, one for the Grand Hero Battle, and let’s not forget the stripperiffic Spring Festival that arrived last week) but not nearly enough orbs to roll for them.

So if you need Kagero, Effie, Cherche, Camilla, Minerva, Hinoka, Cordelia, or Subaki (nobody really needs Caeda, Sophia, Beruka, or Palla), now’s your chance, but don’t get your hopes up that it’ll be easy or cheap.


Last modified: April 4, 2017