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GoldenEye 007 Gets a Multiplayer (Unofficial)Remake on PC

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Yeah you read that right, a group of fans decided that a GoldenEye Remake was severely needed and by what we can gather this remake was recreated over the span of 10 years ever since which is an extremely long and quite awesomely vast time, as the game was developed by Valve’s Source Engine and the Graphics, sound, gameplay, and Multiplayer have been refined in an attempt to capture the moments of when we as gamers played our first 3D first person shooter game, you’ll be drooling over its impressive comparison against its N64 predecessor, the remake now titled Goldeneye 007: Source, will solely come packed with  just the multiplayer and not including the original missions, the reason backing this is basically as simple as it can quite possibly get, they just don’t have the damn resources to do so.

While the Devs are hard at work trying to recreate an amazing experience again, it’s quite difficult to do so if they do not have the backing power honestly if CNG could actually afford the fucking team for it we’d actually go out of our ways and fund the living shit out of this to work because, we love the grandmaster of FPS games, although to fund something like this would be going against the legality as we all know, the game is currently under the rights of Microsoft and Nintendo, if you’ve been shelling yourself a hole in a rock to keep cozy like Patrick Star, then we’ll explain this issue at hand to you, ready?

Rare and Microsoft

The Rights to GoldenEye 007 are owned by Nintendo and Microsoft (RARE)

Nintendo being the first publishers and licenser for the popular title GoldenEye had their fun on the N64 where the game stood king to the world we knew as FPS shooters at that time, but as time went on after the released and the success of Nintendo plummeted with the focus on the more PG gaming, with Rare being pushed to the side as the developers of some or many of Nintendo’s most popular franchises I can’t imagine why that decision came to hand, with Rare having a go at titles such as Donkey Kong 64, Star Fox, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, Kameo, Battletoads, and of course GoldenEye 007, Nintendo made the decision of selling the loft or rather allowing Microsoft to buy out Rare in 2002 keeping their intellectual properties and original branding, as Rare went further down the years being lead by Microsoft and having its key roles such as Tim and Chris Stamper leaving the company to venture into different opportunities the company’s quality that had gained its attention left, with no hits appearing in any forms of news except for the recollection of Rare’s fantastic titles in the form of Xbox One in an attempt to gain Microsoft a pretty penny, it just didn’t compute and gamers felt an emptiness from the amazing company that inspired many to be game developers and that was Rare.  Now, what’s this to do with GoldenEye 007? Well if you didn’t read above that’s messed up, I’ll state it out in quotes below for your better understanding.

Microsoft owns Rare, Rare makes games for Microsoft, Rare made GoldenEye 007, it’s either Microsoft to acquire the 007 license or just leave it in the dumps for it to compose dust over these feudal years.

The game has 25 recreated maps, 10 Multiplayer and is free to download via this link


It’s really worth the try if you guys want to try to go out of your way and donate to these days they might really appreciate all the help they can get, so thanks for reading and play the FUCKING game already guys and gals! Thanks!

Anywhoo we’ll just have to hope that this game can see better days as it continues the righteous path of awesome and trouble hopefully this can get crowdfunded and Microsoft can hire the team to work for them on this game hopefully if Microsoft is that understanding of course. Anyways I think I’ve rambled on for too much, but please be sure to check out more of ComedyNGaming’s Post as we’ll definitely have something to suit your taste in what you prefer in gaming or even tech!

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Last modified: August 13, 2016