Gravity Rush 2 Demo release

Gravity Rush 2 Builds Inertia For Release With Demo And OVA(UPDATE)

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Last Thursday, Sony released the Gravity Rush 2 demo on the Playstation Store. According to SCEA Associate Project Manager, Nick Accordino, in a PlayStation blog post this is the same demo we’ve been seeing recently around in convention spaces. If you’ve been keeping up with Gravity Rush 2’s gameplay releases, surely you’ve seen this demo, but now you have a chance to play through it yourself and with just a few weeks away from release.

In the demo, the player can choose to go through two separate paths- Beginner and Experienced. The Beginner path is there for players new to Gravity Rush, it focuses on the basic uses of Kat’s abilities, with a kickstart into the franchise to get you on par with those who are experienced, hence the separate game modes. If you already know how to play that’s great! Then play the Experienced path which exists to showcase Kat’s new abilities in Gravity Rush 2.

While on Playstation’s blog, Nick Accordino also took the time to announce that the Gravity Rush 2 OVA Anime will be releasing on Youtube this Monday at 8 AM PST. The OVA hopes to fill the story gap between Gravity Rush 1 and 2. It’s also set to be beautifully animated by Studio Khara(Makers of Rebuild of Evangelion). You can check out some of those beautiful animations in the recent trailer for the OVA.

Moreover, Gravity Rush 2 is set to release in the United States on January 20th, 2017. We at ComedyNGaming should have a review up for it shortly after release.


The OVA has finally been released click here watch it now: OVA

Last modified: December 26, 2016