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Killing Floor 2 Open Beta For PS4

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If you were or are a PC gamer and installed steam you are more than likely an owner of a classic called Killing Floor, and if you were some of the unfortunate few to not have enjoyed such a fantastically gory game then you’ll be happy to hear about this news, Killing Floor was a game where mass mayhem would be caused in an effort to group up with your friends and avoid being pulverized horrendously by zombies, clowns, mutants and all of the above, it was a non-stop extra high-paced version of left for dead, but with more blood and gore with extra shits and no giggles. That was the first killing Floor and it was a series that continually was supported by a high rise of gracious fans and DLC that offered more than customization, and for a few buck. Killing Floor literally just didn’t mean to kill off anything that walks, but to blow the nasty scoundrels to literal bits, don’t just take our word for it, watch the gameplay trailer below:



Isn’t it epic? You’ll be experiencing an awesome grueling time because you’re going to be constantly running for your life as a pack full of Zeds that are more morbidly misshapen than your mind can encompass, are coming to shit in your brain and I don’t mean it in a playful way, I mean they will absolutely rip you apart if you’re not quick enough to dodge them or kill them, with that being said this game is allowing all of those who are fans or who will be becoming one to go ahead and download the beta and have the ability to have fun with friends in an FPS environment with a touch of horror that’s going to keep you entertained.


Optimized for PS4 Pro

In a recent update by sony, it is stated that the game will be available to play on a higher definition for the PS4 Pro, it will be coming out with a patch update, the following features will be available as listed via Sony’s Playstation Youtube Channel:

The PlayStation®4 Pro version of KILLING FLOOR 2 features the following enhancements:
• 1800p checkboard rendering on 4K TV (3200×1800) optimized for 4K TVs
• Effectively supersampling and increased fps on HDTV
• Using additional memory to increased texture resolution to “Ultra Textures”

So yes this game will be available to play on a higher definition if you have a 4K Display, you can enjoy a more crisp and clean experience from this update that’ll keep you happy for a while.

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Last modified: November 6, 2016