Tecmo Koei Nioh Release

Koei Tecmo’s Nioh Is A different piece of Japanese History

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With a new awesome game in the works, comes more games about History and overall I personally love history, especially those that involve that of Japan, so the story of this wonderful game is Loosely based on the story of William Adams, you follow a blonde haired samurai, the son of a Japanese lord and western woman during Japan’s Sengoku period in the 17th Century. Now now, soon to be released on the PS4 as an exclusive which in my opinion kind of sucks it’d be fantastic to have them ported to many other platforms, but the game looks freaking great after so many delays and problematic stoppers along the over 10 year development I mean seriously guys finally! I’m glad to see that this game is going to be released this year. Here’s a trailer:

What’s interesting about Nioh?

The thing that interested me the most when I viewed this game for the first time was that it’s aesthetically pleasing, but the gameplay looks intensely fun, what really interests us more as the ComedyNGaming degenerates we are, is that the main character seems to move slow it’s really human in actuality, as the gameplay is paced rather quickly if that makes sense, but I feel that drives the game more as you’re not playing something like Ninja Gaiden(it’s speedy), you’re actually adapting and enhancing your skill in every battle as you face different enemies, it’s actually much more realistic, although it’s set in the Sengoku period of Japan and you have pretty powerful.. Um, Powers. We’ll be really happy to see more of this gameplay as the powers of the Nioh or Williams whatever he’ll be called, increase to kick some more ass, this very different piece of Japanese history about a blonde samurai killing demons is sure going to impress those of you who really wanted another Japan history-like game in a creative and fun blast to the past kind of way, get those pockets opened and break some bank on this game!

Last modified: June 9, 2016