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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Official Trailer and Amiibo

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In the midst of times for what seems like forever finally comes the yearly #E3 2016 convention we’ve been waiting on, as gamers we’re pretty excited about the latest gaming news we can find and sure enough here they come boasting a 6 pack of cold hard penny pinching, wallet stealing organized syndicates and more so enjoy being poor for a few months to come. Onwards to the subject at hand.
The Legend of Zelda U or that was it’s original intended name has a sudden name change as we were expecting it to, with the name now being titled ‘Breath of the wild’, it’s pretty hard to sum up what this could possibly mean in terms of what is the actual focal point that this game is going to be about. My guess from looking at this dope ass trailer would be that the action is getting revamped and our Golden Green Hero is going to be doing some actionable on-command flips for this game, you can witness the trailer below and we can discuss more after so enjoy:

What we saw:

What we saw within the trailer was an epic of many different proportions as fans out there are excited that this game is being released and looking just as visually stunning as it usually has before so, others are questioning whether this open world game is maybe too much like other AAA titles that it differentiates from the original Zelda titles, I personally disagree with that, although people might be upset about the different Zelda title that’s soon to be coming, it doesn’t take away from the Zelda series at all, actually this is a refreshing installment to the previous series we know and love, with Link having the ability to form ice from the staff, is very A  Link to The Past(-ish) and we couldn’t be any happier, I do understand that what worries me a little bit is the fact that it actually might become something like Skyrim, don’t get me wrong I like Skyrim, but I don’t want my Story driven and uniquely different action-adventure series to start phasing off from what we have been used to, I love the uniquely different quality Zelda games and I’m pretty passionate about it, I can’t wait to play this game as soon as tomorrow as @NintendoNY will be allowing us to play the demo of the game for as long as 90 minutes! What a bonus right?!

Noticing the tidbits and analyzing the video

So we’ll just jot down the things we’ve noticed from this trailer and explain as detailed as we can get because I’m not about to make a shirty article for no shitty likes, in the video you see link doing a backflip to avoid an attack as with that, while in that position he quickly thrusts the spear he’s holding to puncture the enemy he’s facing which also looked like a Moblin to me, another instance we can quickly see is how awesome Link is, by chopping down trees to cross bridges, which is a unique element, another cool thing we saw is Link actual saddling up a horse like the man way, by just jumping on it and hoping it doesn’t crush your skull if you fail to do so, I can guess why they’d decide to name it something like ‘Breath of the wild’, because if I were Link i’d be pissed if I had to smell a horse’s anus when I’ve McFallin and can’t get up! In all seriousness, it seems you’re more engaged with the wild than you are with human life, which leads the question to is the story almost relevant to Majora’s Mask considering this is literally tribal Link and there is nothing, but wild animals and rabid monsters? Could we actually see the formation of Deity Link or the downfall to Majora’s Tribe? Interested theory time! Anyways another awesome thing is that Link can now climb mountains, tress, rock (whatever), jump on command or at least that’s how we saw it, kill badass enemies with quicktime engagements and much more.

UPDATE: 3 new amiibo for the game

In a recent update by Nintendo there will be 3 new amiibo for the new Zelda game coming out soon! One with link on Epona and another of Link shooting his bow and arrow filled with magic at some object and the last is of one of the newest enemies in the series or maybe they are just redesigned and can be hybrid Skulltulas who freaking knows again I’ll keep this updated 😉

Stay tuned to see this post updated, I’m writing fast guys so keep up!

Last modified: July 6, 2016