Let It Die a Hybrid of various series

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Let it Die is an action adventure, hack ‘n slash kind of game where you, the player is forced to improve their rank in a tower of tough foes, with hints of games like No More Heroes, MadWorld, and a couple of others. It brings a whole new aspect to the hack n’ slash kind of series because it successfully finds an opportunity to fuse the above-mentioned series together in a way that keeps you entertained and driven to it, one thing they majorly focus on is the collection of various weapons and the variations of enemies that appear within the game, each of which give  you the ability to upgrade your arsenal or conjure up different ways to execute a combo and to completely obliterate the enemy, like MadWorld you are always being narrated over everything you do, and it’s very comedic in the way it’s handled as the reaper is constantly motivating you to dive head first as you play throughout the game, and if you manage to rack up some points you’re bound to get some comments from the reaper himself, who is exceptionally dignifying your reasons to kill for game somehow.

How LET IT DIE works

Aside from that this series also partakes in the ability of becoming much more difficult as the story progresses and for many of us to experience this, can remind us of one other particular franchise that managed to force us to pull our hairs from our heads and ball out in tears of frustration over not being able to complete the quest you set out for, which went by the name of Dark Souls, oh yes we can remember how it was one of the beginning games of difficulty that really pissed us off and forced us to sometimes look for cheat codes wherever they were available. So if you’re looking for a challenge and want to try something that may closely resemble a certain particular series you’ve enjoyed in the past I implore you to try this game out, it won’t hurt you as it’s currently available Free to Play on the Playstation 4.

Last modified: December 5, 2016