Lucina wins Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet in Landslide!

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After a grueling four-day tournament involving battle after battle, and hundreds upon thousands of flags, Lucina has been crowned the most popular Fire Emblem royal in the Princes and Princesses Voting Gauntlet event!

Few are surprised that Lucina came out victorious, but many are horrified at just how successful she was compared to the other characters. The first runner up, Prince Ephraim, lost by a humiliating ten billion points after his backers exhausted all their resources so he could beat Chrom, Lucina’s father!

Many players see Lucina as a relatively underdeveloped character whose sole personality traits are her morose lack of humor and overwhelming daddy issues. Veterans see her immense popularity as a sign that a younger, less dedicated player base has usurped their treasured franchise.

This writer fundamentally disagrees with any hate Lucina gets. I adore Lucina! I don’t care if blue hair, blue eyes, and a blue outlook on life are not attractive or interesting qualities to people. I don’t care that she almost murdered me for her father after I married her in Fire Emblem Awakening. I don’t care if she’s the Anne Hathaway of the Fire Emblem world!

Sometimes, it’s just nice to see the expected winner reap their rewards!

Okay, maybe she is a little preachy….

Last modified: March 17, 2017