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Making the Jump to Mobile Gaming

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As you know many companies as of late have started to make the move on placing their arsenal of games in the shape of the Mobile Platform, this includes companies like Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Sony and Microsoft as well, it’s only a matter of time that other popular gaming companies will make the move and the reason for this advancement in gaming?

Well almost 65% of Americans own a smartphone that have access to the ability to download current apps on an AppStore, that’s roughly around 240 million Americans from our 365 million U.S residents, now I don’t want to give you the long story short, but roughly that’s almost half of the population and it couldn’t be more of an ideal market to jump into than now in 2016, seeing as many of the Populi that has smartphones own 3-6 games on their phone casual gamer speaking I’ve done this research myself every person I’ve spoken to had about 3-5 apps that were games they play. With that being said if there is a specialty game that is to be released by an especially large company for example Nintendo and their release of Pokémon Go brought about over 35 million of those smartphone users to play the game and people are still playing it as of now , this well than more adds to the average since users will want to play a ‘hyped’ up game debuted by one of these devs.

Successful titles led from the release in the mobile platform

So it’s been a dream for gamers to have their favorite franchises in video games be played on the ‘Go’ because it’s quite usually that they have to be somewhere and won’t be able to access the console at home, this being said this leaves an open craving by gamers that companies should create software for their phones so that they may enjoy the games they bared in mind for the longest. There have been successful titles on the mobile platform for larger scale companies such as Nintendo and being that they are generally cheaper to distribute and make, we’ll be expecting them to profit very much as well as provide fans with features, updates and aspects to the games that they are playing. The move is simple, because nearly everyone has their phones on them at all times, even tech smart elderly know what’s up when it comes to playing video games so this jump will be fast.

What should we do if we don’t have the large budget of larger scale companies?

Well, you can always kickstart a campaign, but if you really want to be successful in the gaming industry as well as independently work on your own titles then you are much better at listening to fans as you don’t have so much weight on yourselves like larger scale companies do, talk to people, put yourself out there, get sponsors and make sure you have an ad system that works on the app, because people will rate your game terribly if there are a constant variety of ads that pop up every second #annoying Another major key to focusing on the better creation of a mobile game that people want to play is that you need to be simple, if your game is hard to control or harder to play you’re making an effort into claiming that you don’t care about every gamer, as there are more casual gamers than competitive so selfishly not focusing on everyone ruins the experience for them, unless you only want to make your game for a certain target group then specifically target them in a way that makes the game more approachable rather than look like a cesspool of shit.

How should we indie devs market our app/game?

As I mentioned above just getting yourself on the map is a good start and by this I mean talk I mean ALOT to anyone and everyone it sounds like a nuisance, but trust me this actually pays off, you get more and more people to be fond of you and your team and overall they’ll help you with promotions and more you just can not give up your stride even if it feels like they are backing down, unless they are giving you a restraining order threat keep pursuing… actually that’s probably gonna put you out for the worst, but you get what I mean engage them until they give in or until they are in the midst of getting mad at you. Be confident especially if you’re trying to gain a sponsorship through your entertainment media the more you sound confident of your product succeeding the Better the outcome, I’m no philosopher, but if it’s knowing how to market then shit I’ll be your tour guide.

Funds, funds and well more funds…
Because I understand how hard it is to market to large-scale communities and how expensive it can be I’m going to try my best to fully put you through an effortless journey in which your fan base can grow, call it the stages of awesome

  1. Social media (twitter, facebook start here)
  2. Business cards or prints about your game all over your area and more to gain notice by people
  3. Talking with confidence about your game and don’t slack.
  4. Understand your target group
  5. Create a campaign that targets your users and gathers intel on what they focus on more in it.
  6.  And I ran out of ideas, but don’t pull an ‘ME’ just go for it, you got this
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Last modified: September 11, 2016