Mario Kart DS Japan

Mario Kart DS coming out for the Wii U Virtual Console – Japan

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While browsing the twitters, I stumbled upon this fellow tweet below:


Hell of course you read it right! Although America has gotten their taste of a little Mario Kart DS on the Wii U it’s nice to see Japan still getting these things which I think they should’ve gotten first Since Nintendo’s Main HQ is in nippon, but that’s just me, so here’s the dealio I guess you can say, Japan gamers will be able to enjoy some Mario Kart DS, I’m sure some or many were anticipating this as people really just wanted to get their Kart Racing game on like they used to when they were playing on the DS, Japanese gamers are pretty f******g skilled at Mario Kart so I can’t wait to see what kind of entertainment will be posted as we explore and go back to this oldie but goodie! So thanks for clicking and reading!

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Last modified: May 25, 2016