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Marvel VS Capcom 4 to be Revealed Soon!

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Marvel Vs Capcom 4

In a recent reveal by E3 this morning we get this mythical image that is above, as what can only be what we imagine as an obvious reveal for an old classic series from Marvel and Capcom, there could be quite an opening for maybe another larger new title in the works, but in all honestly seeing that number 4 with the Capcom and Marvel Logos and especially for the PS4 system can only bring memories back to how I witnessed those logos show up for the reveal of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. So as long as we get something spectacular in the end that is all I pretty much can hope to look forward too, but for now fellow ComedyNGamers we wanted to let you have at it, if you haven’t seen this image source all over the internet yet. In the image as well, we can see the year 2017 on it, which can only mean that, this is when this game will be released or when it will be officially announced by the companies at sometime later that year, possibly at E3.

Either way guys I’m just happy to be alive in this year of gaming, as there are so many amazing games to be released and I’m just afraid of losing my non accumulated wealth to try to play each one, but my golly’ I’ll try. I’ve been Ginto with CNG and Game on with the old glory days of arcade games. Hopefully they aren’t just pulling our legs.

Update: It is coming and it will be revealed at PlayStation Experience.

Possible MvC4 Reveal: 2017

Last modified: December 3, 2016