Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Pre-Order Page Is Now Online

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At E3 2016 Microsoft announced that they were working on the newest incarnation of the Xbox One codenamed, “Project Scorpio.”

The pre-order page for Project Scorpio is now online, you can check it out here.
We most likely won’t be able to actually pre-order Scorpio until this year’s E3, where I predict that Microsoft will unveil the price and full spec sheet of the upgraded system. Theres nothing neccisarily new when you go on Scorpio’s page. The webpage boasts that Project Scorpio is “the most powerful console ever…” and “the first and only console to enable true 4K gaming”. It also states that Scorpio will be compatible with all Xbox One games and accessories. Most of which we learned in Microsoft’s original preview of the console.


The original Xbox One model and the Xbox One S


Project Scorpio will be the 2nd hardware upgrade for the Xbox One since it released in 2013. Microsoft has sold over 26 million Xbox One units since it’s release, which isn’t that bad if you examine the system individually. However, when comparing that number to PS4 sales (50 million units) it becomes apparent that Microsoft is losing this generation’s console war. When looking at the specs Scorpio does seem like it can be the saving grace this company needs. 6 teraflops of power, 100% 4K support across all forms of entertainment, and game recording/ streaming at 2160p 60fps; this thing is an absolute beast. Despite the impressive hardware, equally compelling games must be available for the Scorpio to do well and sell units.

Project Scorpio releases Holiday 2017.

Last modified: March 15, 2017