Modern Warfare remake and more, including call of duty legacy edition

Modern Warfare remake to be included in upcoming Call of Duty

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So as you obviously always read above, the Call of Duty series will finally be revitalized but that’s only thanks to one thing… a Modern Warfare remake! I’m not sure if they mean Modern Warfare , but I hope they do, I loved every bit of that game, it was creative and entertaining, it was the Call of Duty game everyone played and actually conversed¬† within. As you know now, everyone has either lost the ability to speak or has been completely anti-social which is terrible if it’s either.

About my experience with MW:

So my experience with the actual Call of Duty series has been shitty, but what really sufficed enough for me to continue playing was the making of Modern Warfare 2 that really hit that spot, everyone and their momma played that game, because it was so damn fun and actually went ahead to require experience to play, there were no mods, extra weird power ups to make you glide on walls, just skill to be able to kill someone face to face in a heartbleed second, but not only this, you actually had to have done a difficult task to gain something like a camo, or attachment. You just didn’t level up and get a power up because you were shooting anything at sight, I remember you had to get a certain amount of kills or have done a difficult task to gain an emblem or title. These were the greater things about my Call Of Duty Experience that I enjoyed very much and the series isn’t going anywhere in terms if I will continue to play it again.

Okay, the details!

So other than you know that the game will be released, I will write down the facts and information I gathered along the way at the bottom of this paragraph so you can quickly read the facts.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition

Snapchat of a Target supposed Employee

  • Releasing as a bundle to another Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • Releasing in 2016 this year November
  • Will be able to pre-order in June or around that time, maybe even earlier
  • This is a Call of Duty 4 remake; Not sure if also MW2 or MW3
  • I believe the bundle will be called Legacy edition (Might pay more)

This is what I have so far, but I’m sure there is more. One more thing I’d like to note is that maybe this could be a revelation for the company Activision since they seem to milk the cheese out of a goat to get these games out, Please stop being reckless, support your loyal fans that have been you because I’m sure not a fan of you milkers, and I personally love milk! So f****** change that shit!

I’ve been Gintooo and I’m ouuttt!

Last modified: April 28, 2016