Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2

Namco Bandai announces Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 by trailer with love!

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So if anyone who is a big Dragon Ball Z fan knows that today Namco just announced that a 2nd installment into the Dragon Ball XenoVerse series was going to happen, and the results of the audience is just awesome, with people stating how much they have anticipated this game to come after Namco had spent it’s 24 hours before teasing the hell out of every Dragon Ball soul out there. You can see the post below as thousands are currently increasing their numbers liking and commenting.

My opinion on the game:

So if you weren’t eternally satisfied you can see that this game is just going to be such a riot, the way the characters look and as you see the Gohan statue(I might be mistaken, excuse my DB, I haven’t been dballing in a minute). It really raises the value of an emotional standpoint because you can feel the hype intensify, I love the flying to different locations, and seeing Trunks in an uproar at an ending to close off is what makes this game a go to? Hmm, let’s talk. If you guys want to hear our opinion on Future Trunks being in DB “Super” as GODmade has called it, he has a theory and ideas about the scope of him needing to be there. Another awesome thing I really enjoyed seeing was a bit our many friends made and many enemies made in the DB series, You can catch a glimpse of the many story arcs come to be and many fighting instances between our main protagonists as they embark on a journey to protect the PAST that we the fans remember. You see Goku Kamekameha(ing) the living shit out of something only I imagine to be Freeza or some other asshole.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Goku Super saiyan

Fly through time!

So because this game is about past and future, you’ll be excited to hear this S%#T!!! In this game you’ll have the amazing ability to travel back and ahead through time, going from past to future, in matters of seconds, what I find so amazingly creative, but also makes me think… You should of hurried with that idea, is that you’ll get to see these old characters see themselves living through an event they’ve experienced already, ultimately giving themselves a second chance knowing what lies ahead, this is essentially true when Goku has to lose his friends in the process of trying to save humankind. I absolutely love this idea and it’ll be an interesting storyline lying ahead! Goku XenoVerse 2

Another Beautiful extended Trailer to enjoy:

Platforms supported, who what when why?!

So if it said in the video, I don’t feel like going back to watching it again, but if it said in the video what platform they were releasing for then good you know, but if it didn’t then basically here’s the 2 1 0, 4 1 0, 8 8 0 <- If I added an extra number I’d be annoying somebody all day. XenoVerse 2 will be out on


Considering how absolutely smooth this game’s been running I can sympathize with that, You making the game extremely even more awesome because of the power upgrade be my damn guest I’m not stopping you!! Good on you Namco for improving the lives for everyone’s gaming experiences as they age old.

No release, no peace, but stay in TOUCH!

As of now, there has been no set release date for XenoVerse 2, so if you were hoping to get your pre-order game on, then you’re sadly at a loophole until they figure it out, but what you can do to start early is head over to Namco’s XenoVerse 2 website set up specifically for you to get into their newletter and find out more on news about the game and special promotions that they will be having. It all sounds sweet, and I feel you should go check that out, before you think about spending your money’s worth on something.

Link below:


Last modified: May 18, 2016