NBA 2K17 Release ‘Friction’ trailer

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In Esports related news, NBA 2K17 a game that we many basketball fans were expecting and hoping to see has finally released their trailer called ‘Friction’, and as you can easily point out you can see all the new start-ups and drafts of this year, including stars such as Kevin Durant in GS and even Derrick chilling in the Knicks.

Our initial reaction:

We loved this very visual introduction into the latest installment of basketball simulation games, but the only problem is we didn’t get quite much from the visual representation other than it looks good cinematically, but overall what’s that gameplay like, as fans are eager to play this game, there are many stones left unturned and we would like to see if this game is going to be worth the buy after all or maybe it’ll be a copy-paste and a repeat of an old series. Although I really do love playing a little bit of basketball when I’m not going out of my way trying to beat an RPG game, this series has really fulfilled my sports craze as it allowed me to make many friends pay me money and many others lose some too, it’s a really entertaining series and being made by the 2K clan is very relieving as they made successes from games like Bioshock. Hopefully, we can update this article and give you a bang for your buck as we can decide to recommend this game to you all.

Anyways thank you all and this has been another ComedyNGaming update so please stay tuned and enjoy more articles soon!

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Last modified: August 22, 2016