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NBA 2K17 Review

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What’s up ComedyNGamers? GODmadethunder here and basketball fans such as myself it’s that time of the year again, the time when we are a month away from season start and the new NBA 2K game comes out. Now let me be completely honest from the beginning, 2K sports is sort of the Apple and Jordan (coincidence? ehh probably) of video games. It is among the master elite of selling you the same thing over and over and over and over and like the Nelly song! I’ve been playing every edition of NBA 2K since 2K11 so at this point I pretty much know what to look for and expect in these games. This review is simply my opinion on the games updates and changes, and also where it stands in the franchise.¬†


Of course the most important thing in a sports game is how realistic the gameplay is. 2K17 delivers on all fan desired aspects, the motions are very smooth and fluid while also requiring accuracy to land shots and layups. I remember playing 2K14 and just running into the lane and dunking on everyone in the paint, while it is extremely fun to do that, it just didn’t feel real. Luckily, this years game is a much different story, dunks and layups won’t come so easily even for the high flyers. And unless you’re chef Curry you’ll might want to use the shot stick for 3-point splashes.

MYCareer Mode

Okay so this is the main reason why most people buy 2K every year and it is the mode that holds the most expectation for fans. This year you are known as “Pres” (whether you like it or not the game will always refer to you as Pres, even if you choose a secondary nickname).

This 6’6 hunka hunka is my version of the character “Pres”

You form a duo dubbed “Orange Juice” with undrafted star Justice Young played by the incredible actor Michael B. Jordan. I’ve only played up until December I believe so I’m not sure how the story will play out in the long run but I like it so far. For the first time ever in NBA 2K history you can play as a different player in MYCareer mode. If you or Justice score off of each other’s assists consecutively, “Orange Juice mode” will be activated and you can switch to controlling Justice. In my case his overall is much higher than mine so it’s fun to play as him, it’s also a very refreshing approach to the game mode as MYCareer tends to get very tedious and stale after a while. Overall 2K17’s MYCareer is just great, it’ll be satisfying to play for the next year.

Michael B. Jordan as Justice Young


The Other “MY” modes

Most NBA 2K enthusiasts cringe with disgust when I tell them this…I never really played any of the other “MY” modes. That includes MYGM, MYTeam, and MYLeague. So this year I decided I had nothing to lose and I created my very own MYLeague save file. The Seattle YTL Unruly Yout is the name of my custom organization, YTL stands for young trap lord because…well…why not? (*scratching head emoji*). I mean look, all generic team names aside the mode is really fun! (to my surprise). You can also add expansion teams created by 2K and other 2K players to add some flare to your MYLeague universe. Needless to say I’m having tons of fun with it.

Personally, I think the name is more clever than “savages”



2K never gets it wrong when it comes to bakstball games. Even when it seems like the games have nothing left missing, they always add something new that makes each edition feel fresh. The NBA 2K series continues to get as big as Shaq with each annual release. In fact, they are so big to the point where they have the comfort in knowing that we will keep buying their games, even if it’s only a minute difference.

NBA 2K17 gets a 10 out of 10 from me, GODmadethunder out!

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Last modified: October 18, 2016