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Nintendo is discontinuing Wii U production: Let us reflect 

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Last month Nintendo released a trailer for their new upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. Usually when that happens the current console for any particular company will gradually decrease in price and relevancy, in this case it is the Nintendo Wii U. Let’s take a quick reflection.

Wii U production will cease as Nintendo makes way for the Switch

What went wrong with the U?
Is a question many gamers are asking now that it’s life span has come to an end. Whenever I think of this question, I think of why I passed on the console initially. At release the Wii U had no appeal to me as a customer. At that time I was more than content with my 360 and the task of building up my retro library. Another reason was the PS4, a console that was much more powerful and also coming out in just one more year. Since then the Wii U has seen many great, dare I say AMAZING titles released for it. Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Super Smash Bros, etc. However the appeal just wasn’t there for either core or casual gamers, and the console got sandwiched by the PS4 and Xbox One.


Lackluster sales and poor advertising execution would eventually be the end of an otherwise innovative console. A console that had great promise I might add. We’ll always be rooting for Nintendo every generation, like they say you win some and you lose some. Here’s to the Nintendo Switch, let’s hope it does a lot of winning.

*fingers crossed*

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Last modified: November 15, 2016