Play Resident Evil Umbrella Corps (Free on steam Weekend)

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Awesome news just came up and it comes in the form of a beautiful free game and if you’re like me free games are the absolute gold mine you could ask for anyways Capcom is offering up to 80% on steam for their select games which means you can enjoy games like Resident Evil to Street Fighter on your PC. This all comes from the actual steam store so if you don’t find it on the main page of your Steam Store then let it be known that it is there and you can easily do a quick search for the games. Now then I want to give you some of my personal favorites that I believe you will really enjoy playing, Remember though, most support for Capcom games are PC only so Mac users you’re pretty much lucked out on some really awesome titles.

Ginto’s CNG Recommendation –

  1. Bionic Commando Pack 80% off or $3.19

Bionic Commando






2.  Devil May Cry Special Edition 50% off or $12.49

Devil May Cry






3. MegaMan Legacy Collection 40% off or $8.99

Megaman Legacy Collection






4. Dragon’s Dogma Arisen 40% off or $17.99

Dragon's Dogma Arisen






5.  Resident Evil HD REMAKE 45% off or $10.99

Resident Evil 1






6.  Strider 70% off or $4.49

Strider Game






7.  Resident Evil Revelations Complete Pack 74% off or $10.39

Resident Evil Revelation






8. Street Fighter V 40% off or $35.99

Street Fighter V

Last modified: August 20, 2016