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Pokemon Sun & Moon Release Date, Cover art and Trailers

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So as you read above like you always do to find something you actually freaking like, you probably stumbled upon this topic coming around lately, which topic you say? Well  Pokemon of course, what do you think? So news has been spreading and as always, we are constantly the late bloomers, but we get better details ;). So in a recent tweet by Nintendo Japan they officialized the names Sun & Moon as the official name.


Sun & Moon official name for game in recent tweet


If you translated this using twitter’s translation tool, it’s 100% accurate that that is the new name that will be used for the new Pokemon games and it’s confirmed, not just any ole’ rumors out there being spread around. I think this is awesome because it’s really bringing Nintendo’s attention to detail about how big this series is, but that quality always matters first beforehand.

Trailers for the game

So in the lastest of latest news this is the new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon and it looks pretty cute, of course many of us are used to this by now, and although I prefer the more agressive and stronger looking pokemon I found these little pieces of fecal matter cute, and can’t wait to enjoy playing this game, another thing to note is that fighting now, involves the background so the game and battles are totally adaptable to any environment you are in, and really creates a more TV like pokemon game that many of us had hoped for, for a very long time. So KUDOS TO YOU NINTENDOOOO! Also can I just say a pet peeve of mine? Nintendo you need to focus on Adults too, you could have the kids but have some variety not just children play your game, damn commericials…

American Trailer Revealed with starter pokemon.

Japanese Trailer Below:


Finally the cover art reveal!

So we can clearly see that these will be the 2 different legendaries we will be encountering in this new version of the series and I must say they look bad freaking ass! I can’t wait to catch the lion it’s like a dream come true, I’ve wanted a lion pokemon that actually looked ferocious and not adorable. You can see the color and pretty visuals of the 2 new cover arts and they really impact you because you tell this is going to be a different game like no other, with Pokemon Co. develop new installments in the series they getter better and better. One thing I have to say though is that I love Nintendo for one of many things and that’s polishing the living hell out of these awesome new titles! You go sexy!

Release Date: November 18 – 23 Japan to US

and that conclude’s my article I’ll update it whenever new news comes up SO STAY TUNED!

I’ve been Gintoooo and I’m out!

Last modified: May 24, 2016