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PS4.5 Is getting complicated for Devs

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Daily news and feeds with lots of information help us get more details about something, but let’s talk Sony today, Word and rumor has been running around about the Mega company developing a new faster PS4 to improve on it’s older version, but here’s the problem. COMPATIBILITY. Sony has stated that games will be supported on both consoles, but those of you who have already own the PS4 don’t want to have to buy another console, just because it’s an exclusive. Here’s where I find this to be the problem, Nintendo did something similar with this as they released the New 3DS, but the games were ported to the standard 3DSs as well, the only thing that would change was the ability to change camera angles and provide more functionality while having the power. Ultimately, I can’t see that on the PS4 my reasoning is that nothing has changed you’ll still be using the same controller, same console design but with the added extra power. Therefore the games if companies wanted to utilize the PS4.5’s power it would have to be an exclusive or current users will experience a chopped down version, I mean just think about all the technical problems the Devs are going to have to face when they have to switch between 2 separate consoles, and delete maybe parts of the game because it couldn’t have been added to previous PS4.

Devs can’t track so many systems at one time

What I mean is that Devs have to deal with the Xbox one getting an improvement as well, while awesome! You gave the devs opportunity to f*****g Develop even bigger games, you also just dropped their already blue balls on some more weight. If they keep developing for the older PS4 since so many of us already have it and not the PS4.5 there won’t be any reason to have to buy it in the first place. This is just a rumor though and rumors always change let’s just hope this isn’t what Sony is actually going for this time.

UPDATE: Sony actually meant to improve PS4 not develop new console.

So in latest news Sony has actually meant to enhance the current PS4 not actually redesign a completely different console, it seems as though they were trying to speed up the CPU within the system, as working side-by-side with AMD but the deal was a no go, as AMD was streamlining new 14nm FinFET cpu too bad I guess it was the right decision to make though as redoing all their new CPUs would mean spending a shit ton of more money than what’s needed. So smart move and move on!

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Last modified: June 1, 2016