Red Dead Redemption 2 releasing soon

Red Dead Redemption 2 is in development and will be releasing soon and remake

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Rockstar Games has given word that a new Red Dead Redemption title is in development and will be released in the coming years, they have though spoke of it being showcased at E3  for those of you going you’ll get to experience this awesome Wild Wild West game for your shear entertainment, but those of you who aren’t going well I guess you’ll just have to wait until they launch a demo with the game still in development. Many of us really loved the hell out of Red Dead Redemption because it changed the way we were playing Open world Action Adventure games, because it wasn’t about the present it was about the past a piece of history all of us really wanted to explore after hearing countless stories about it.

Red Dead Zombination

The hype is real for this game

After all of us played the living hell out of the Red Dead Game and experience bi-polar feelings when everything changed up on us. Especially that ending(I won’t spoil it for any of you out there) one really awesome moment I LOVED so much was having to the white bronco which was the Hennessy Venom GT of the Wild Wild West, this horse was a speed demon and if you were able to lure and capture it, you were just the most badass guy in the game believe me, but not only this really created this dream come true game you were placed in realistic scenarios encasing yourself to the struggles of others and prominently had to fulfill their requests within a timely matter of you had lost the quest forever or would have to go back again to try it, there are gangs,police, raids, bounties and a shit ton more to just saturate the reason why this game was so freaking awesome and a absolute genius idea for Rockstar Games to make.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be releasing very soon and as far as we know it, if it looked that good on the Xbox 360/PS3 days then it’s going to look F******* Majestic for the newer generation of gaming I can promise you that and with a supposed idea that this will be a prequel will tell us that John Marston will be the main man, and that we’ll be able to see how exactly he joined his ganging days, it’ll also probably show us how this Prequel will result in his future problems from it’s predecessor Red Dead Redemption, And we are more than ready to get our cowboy up and going and ready to kick some stoic ass! As gamers let’s unite as Rockstar goes out of their way again to make a game as awesome as Grand Theft Auto.


Red Dead Redemption Speculation


So with new releasing games come speculation and while I am part of the hype, it doesn’t come without doubt, one of my concerns is that how good will this game par with the first one as this will be a prequel, I’m hoping Rockstar focuses on the story and not just the action, I would really like the events before the original came to really connect and come together in my honest opinion and I rather not have any cliffhangers. Also another speculation is that this game will have DLC, but I’m just hoping it’s not DLC that you need to continue the story which will be a horrible thing for the company to do, but seeing as this is happening at a common rate with Nintendo being excluded since they actually complete the game first and sell extra. I’m hoping Rockstar Follows suite with creating a fantastic ‘Complete’ game. Another speculation I have is if they will make an expansion pack like they did for the first Red Dead, remember the Undead Nightmare? It was such a good Expansion to the game because it was a spin off game and it added so much more to the game it didn’t just copy and paste and mess with the story. I would really love if they can do this for the new game although Zombies would sort of be out of question. One last thing let’s see a younger John Marston, huh? Sounds good I know anyways I’ve been rambling.


Update: New rumor suggests remake

New Rumors have gone around and started to move around the idea that a Red Dead Redemption remake is in the works along with a sequel, as all this red dead redemption talk are still rumors we will have to wait and see, if I’m wrong then I’ll rewrite this article because I f***** up! HOPING I’M RIGHT! Anyways the remake is supposedly going to be showcased soon, but I don’t think Rockstar would showcase a remake at E3 but then again I could be wrong. We’ll just have to wait this out and see

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Last modified: July 6, 2016