REPORT: The Nintendo Switch Has Sold 1.5 Million Units Worldwide

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According to SuperData, the Nintendo Switch has sold 1.5 million units in its first week on the market. After collecting research provided by Famistu and GFK, SuperData estimates that 500,000 consoles were sold in the United States alone. 360,000 units were sold in Japan and 195,000 were sold in the UK and France collectively. It is a quite impressive feat especially considering those are only week 1 numbers. More people buying the Switch every day those numbers have surely risen by now. Nintendo stated that their goal was to reach 2M sales by the end of March, we’re already half-way through the month and they’re making amazing progress.

SuperData also reported that 89% of Switch owners also purchased The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has sold 1.3 million copies (not counting Wii U version sales). It’s safe to say Zelda helped sell a large number of units, with the help of a stellar marketing campaign as well.


The Switch is Nintendo’s fastest selling console of all time

Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime. Told the New York Times in an interview that the Switch was Nintendo’s fastest selling console ever with BoTW, also being Nintendo’s most successful non-bundled launch title. This deadly duo is off to a great start, but I would urge Nintendo not to start celebrating early, just because the console is off to a solid start, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a guaranteed success. For example, the Wii U sold 400,000 units in its first week but the system quickly lost momentum due to lack of games, it ultimately went on to become the worst-selling console the company has ever made. The 3DS suffered a similar fate and eventually received a price drop in its first 6 months.

Nonetheless, the Switch is still in its infant stage. The biggest challenge Nintendo will have to face is keeping the consumer’s well fed with content, but as for now, they can claim their bragging rights.

Last modified: March 16, 2017