Reviewing the App: Ultimate Kept Man Life

Reviewing the App: Ultimate Kept Man Life

What is Ultimate Kept Man Life?

As I’ve discovered this game today,  I pretty much have to say this is one of the funniest games I’ve played in a while. I mean what’s not to love? You’re only just getting paid to stay home all day, while your girlfriend works to put the food on the table. This awesome funny little game was developed by Japanese software development company Masukachi Inc.

Details about the game:

Alright! So the game starts you off with prompts claiming you have a girlfriend and you end up playing as the boyfriend, the only problem is, is that you don’t want to work because you’ll become a loser/lame to the society of men who work to make a living.  However, you may want to consider it, your basic objective is to cook, clean and do the chores around the house to maintain your relationship with your girlfriend and better yet, your girlfriend’s father. Why the girlfriend’s father? Well, he basically understands how huge of a deadbeat you are and he will kick your shit to the ground if he catches you enjoying the guilty pleasures of Ahem… Not working.

Not only are you cooking and doing what you’re meant to do, in the first place but you’re earning an allowance for each task… BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! As a Kept Man you’re heading out to arcades and going around doing different activities just for the hell of it, because who cares right? As you level up and increase your allowance earned from your girlfriend, you run the risk of getting closer to being caught by your girlfriend’s father.

If your girlfriend’s father catches you then you’ll have to face the consequences of not seeing your used one for a long time.

Developed by Masukachi, Inc.

Developed by said above, although I wasn’t able to get a response from the email I sent, I’m going in raw and coming out a new man from my original intended format for the Reviewing the App series, I’ll make this kind of entry exceptions because I really want to promote these apps for their comedic and entertainment value. UPDATE: They messaged back! So we have some details we can additionally provide to entertain your minds about the developers a little bit. Masukachi’s CEO and Director Ikeda said (We spoke in Japanese so this is roughly translated):

 We are making games that users have always wanted to play, but it’s impossible to do in the real life, such as 10 billion wives and ultimate kept man life

I believe this to be true as Mr.Ikeda has a company that has shown to be improving over their years of being within the industry, as they have maintained great overall ratings and downloads over the time, we are happy to see a Company improve in the latter.


 What makes this game great, though?

Well, there are many things that make this game great, but because we are lovers of all things hilarious and I’m sure everyone is also. Let us state the comedic points first then the other cool stuff about this game here we go:

  • Hilarious characters, as you chuckle a bit at each time you upgrade allowance.
  • Funny freaking Story, it’s something that will make you think ‘Lazy ass’
  • Keeps you playing for a while; Can’t be bored with it
  • The clean looking game, filled with easy to read the text and nice graphics for the visual experience.
  • Anime(ish) look, which really is entertaining to see as I love anime
  • Easy to use, understandable and being made in Japan is very understandable English or Translated very well.
  • Comedy all around, you’ll find little things that will make you laugh, like tapping the screen to gain allowance.

The awesome Idea that Came to Be!

While speaking with Mr.Ikeda, we talked about many things about the game, one thing, in particular, he stated that his reason for choosing the theme of this game was (Again remember everything is roughly translated!).

We thought almost every man has imagined that if they could be a kept man once in their life they would, and that’s why we made it.

He did say though that his friends used to call him a pimp or something around the lines, haha, so he had this idea shine like a light bulb to deliver what we know is this game today.

How this Response delivers:

Mr. Ikeda stated that the overwhelming response to the games they have designed really impacted on what they enjoy doing most and that’s allowing people to play games that they would want, and not just because it makes them money. Actually, the response had such an impact that He stated this:

These are some things that made me surprised by our customer’s reactions, 1. One of our fans emailed us that he wanted to fix the translation of “10 billion wives” for free (and he really did it for them). So as “10 billion wives”, so many users make fan art for us, 10 billion wives users play UKML as well. Especially people from all over the world enjoy our games!

This is very interesting indeed, from an indie developer to a rising group of individuals who are trying to lead the way into a fun and well really freaking different games, but as we read and learn more we understand that these are some genuine people for real, so kudos guys for doing your thing! Everyone reading on go check their app out via our link below!


Ultimate Kept Man Life Download


Last modified: February 7, 2017