Sega Unveils Modern Sonic Gameplay Video; Sonic Forces

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This morning Sega released a new gameplay video on their Sonic The Hedgehog YouTube channel:

The game now being called Sonic Forces will feature the series Mascot Sonic, and leaving some room for other characters to come in as well, however, we have yet to see anything in terms of that. The video starts off with debris crashing down and explosions erupting on the homes towards the sides of Sonic. Battleships, sentinels and a defensive halt, is creating chaos.  In what looks to be an epic battle against possible antagonist Dr. Eggman. The visuals of the gameplay look absolutely stunning and with Sega’s New Sonic Engine 2.0 that they’ve announced during their E3 presentation last year, we can see how fluid the Speedy Hedgehog running appears.

Wisps seem to be making a comeback at around the 20-second mark you’ll see Sonic hit a speed boost that lunges him across a cavern of a city in ruin. Level design seems to take the linear approach as the gameplay shows Sonic keeping a forward momentum on a straight path, we’re not sure if we’ll see a more semi-linear approach later on in another gameplay video. Possibly.  In Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, there was always a different path one could’ve followed to get them to the same objective point at the end of the level.

A bonus to the video shows the game running at a smooth 1080p 60fps, and it makes a difference displaying how fast paced this game really is.

The game is set to release this holiday season, coming to the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Interestingly enough, Sega has delayed Sonic Mania from Spring to the Summer of 2017.

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Last modified: March 17, 2017