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Tespa Reveals Multiple Competitions Blizzard’s Overwatch included.

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About Tespa

Tespa is a college Network of gamers in which it is a foundation to promote gaming, holding the best college eSports competitions and events. (Source: https://tespa.org/about)

Tespa’s Fall Competition offers 100k in scholarship prizes

In a recent twitter post from Tespa, they mention that they will be holding their College eSports comp this Fall for any team that enters and wins, of course, tweet Below:

So if that’s peaked your interest you can check out the link in the post above, but for now, let’s just talk about the competitions coming soon, Tespa will be hosting an array of competitions all throughout the academic year, there will be 2 tiers (sort-of). The Collegiate and Training grounds, the collegiate will feature all skill based games and players of any skill to be able to play within the comp, the following games will be playable:

  1. Hearthstone
  2. Overwatch
  3. Heroes of the Storm

These will be held weekly with Tespa’s weekly schedule as well in case you want to check that out please head to this link here: https://tespa.org/news/20273798/tespa-2016-17-competitive-program-reveal

We at CNG are pretty stoked that this is happening as the Video Game industry is increasing by the millions it’s great that we can have more fellow gamers promote the lifestyle we choose to enjoy, I also think that providing scholarship money for students is an awesome thing to do, because really in this society it’s hard to get funding for school especially when you can’t afford it something like this could be a lifesaver for anyone who’s looking to be educated and move on a path to something fantastic in life, like becoming a game designer themselves. About the competition, though, it will be live 4 nights a week and teams should have a Coordinator in which will setup the matches within the organization and get everything prepared for them. Tespa also highly encourages that teams get involved with other teams and I’m not talking about beating somebodies ass, or start a mini-war or some shit, I’m talking about cheer them on and enjoy yourselves I mean why not? Enjoy that experience and youth while it’s still available to you.

Anyways as I mentioned above go check out Tepsa’s website and find all the information you can about the comps because I’m sure you’ll have a better time, looking through that. Also, I’m not trying to get shit for taking any information from them. Love you guys and gals, though.

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Last modified: September 18, 2016