The Science in Gaming? Focus, Vision, and Memory!

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An Epic Analysis.

I’ve decided that in order to provide fantastic quality content we need to have our own pizazz and variation. Did I say Pizazz.. Yeah spontaneous right?! Anyways today to provide that quality content, we’re going to go behind the scenes to What’s happening to you as you play video games, what are you benefiting from, and what makes  games tick to create that effect. With much research, painfully tedious research, and facts with opinions. We have ComedyNGaming’s The Science in Gaming!

The idea that came to be

I was playing the Legend of Zelda and if you have been following the website since the beginning you’ll understand the passion I have for the Legend of Zelda series it’s literally not even comedic, even if we are a comedy site. So onward I was playing LOZ Twilight Princess HD and came to realize how much better I got at solving the trickiest puzzles, and I found I was much better at paying attention to detail that might’ve been important to know to complete the game. Then it hit me! My brain was multi-functioning to process what I should be thinking and was creating solutions simultaneously. I know you guys are probably saying, obviously, but started the idea to write about Science and Gaming.

Improving your brain with gaming

So there have been many articles about this and I guess I just wanted to give my own version of this testament, along with suggesting games to really improve your skills and brain function.

In a study by scientists trying to figure out whether people of the ages 45 -75 have the ability to improve mental recall and vision by playing games such as Super Mario 3D world, the study was put to test and the results were substantially significant enough to prove useful. Those who played Super Mario 3D world saw a 12% increase in their memory recall. Basically what I’m really trying to say is that when you’re really f#$!@#G going hard on video games you’ll be improving your brain with it. Being to remember things is an awesome gift, look at Batman killing it with his photographic memory. Of course we can all be born with a mind that suits a detective, but we can get there even if we’re just going Hard playing video games.

Games improve focus, vision, and memory

So how we will be doing our figures and research will basically be, headlining the group that the brain improves and telling you the facts and details about the science behind this, another thing we’ll be doing completely different from other blogs about this topic, is actually telling you the actual games(genres) YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING!! TO IMPROVE! I’m pretty sure you and many would love to know exactly which games are the ones improving your brain the greatest. (No BRAIN games).

Focus – See with Video Games, gamers claim the advantage, playing video games not only are extremely freaking entertaining, but they play a role in improving your ability to focus, I’ve read several different articles stating that scientists have been able to point games improving the Focus in a person who played mind demanding games, such as FPS, Strategy, MOBA and puzzles within games. Which I believe this to be true as I tested this analysis with myself. I did my normal everyday tasks without playing games for a 1 week and saw that I was really great at focusing on my work and overall failing to want to do something. When I then started to play games again I came out feeling more prepared and on task, which lead me to write this article. Kudos to that. The reason behind being able to focus more when playing  would be, your brain is also designing solutions for every obstacle that’s placed forth ahead of you, like AI in a video game, it learns and progresses until it’s learned the proper way to complete the task that provided it a challenge. Improving your peripheral vision, not only helps with games though.. In life you’ll not only use a skill like focusing, but it’ll be in your arsenal for years to come especially when you have to deal with an annoying woman that you love in your life, same goes for woman who find an annoying man you just can’t focus when he’s playing his games.

  • Minecraft (Believe it or not, but it takes patience and focus to go through all of the blocks and buildings you set in mind)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or one that still has online players
  • League of Legends –  (Understanding, your tactics and focusing on everything going on across the map proves this game worthy)
  • The Legend of Zelda – (any) A game that forces you to literally think and understand every decision you make
  • Battlefield – This game demands teamwork you need to focus on your health, ammo, members, ability to freaking drive and more. (Great)

Vision – As  I mentioned above, about improvements in peripheral vision, Video games well improve your vision, I know a lot of this may come as obvious, but you’d be surprised by how much you can point out to your parents or whoever that there are statistics behind these things although, I don’t really put them on here, which I guess can take away from the quality, but it won’t because it’s me and I’m immensely awesome right? So Let’s DO THIS! Here’s a sexy quote by the man Shigeru Miyamoto, my personal hero and philosophic:

Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock-n-roll. – Shigeru Miyamoto

Video games have been noted by many to have the capability to improve vision, now I for one agree with this as, I’ve experienced my vision improving after I’d been suffering from blurred vision since not playing video games, I’m constantly on the computer by my eyes are always focus on one thing, and not many things that are moving, which is to say the least that, that is probably the cause of the vision improvement. How can I prove this? You’re probably ranting in your little cub, eating ice cream or chips or any other snack, well if you look online for vision improving techniques there are many articles that talk about, exercising your eyes, video games happen to be one of the many things that improve your eyes, but let’s get in depth when you’re playing a game, I know pretty damn well you’re not sticking on one object that doesn’t move at all right? Scratch that actually. I KNOW DAMN WELL THAT YOU ARE CONSTANTLY MOVING! With that being said, the motions and different objects in the game cause your eye muscles to “workout” causing strain in your eye as you look left, up, down, and right. I’m getting EDUCATIONAL AS SHIT! I’m not going to make this too long though. Another improvement in your vision is being able to see lighter shades of gray, basically you’re eyes are more potent to seeing colors and you know about the saturation of the game’s color easier. To set to your liking, but improving your vision naturally.

Suggested games for improving brain vision:
  • Any ole’ Sports game will do
  • Flow/Bridges (android/ios game)
  • Color Switch
  • Call of Duty or Battlefield
  • DOTA 2

Memory – Ah, memory the greatest gift given to mankind, your mind is like a server storing unlimited amounts of data, as long as you keep your brain(cpu) going then you’ll be able to keep up with your expanding brain, but what if you’re losing it a little bit, the capacity to remember everything is now slowly growing away, as you get older.. A fine line between you losing your self which is essentially scary as shit, but we have to deal with it. So Video Games! Gaming has the ability to contribute to a successful brain and improve your memory by a lot, how much is a, a lot? Well a lot! In recent studies where games have had high demand in brain usage people saw an increase in the ability to remember the events or what was the information given. This is true, in genres like puzzles, strategy, and sports. Here’s an example of a brain improvement on memory, you play a game like NBA 2K and you have to use Steph Curry, see now when you do that you just created a bunch of calculations and feel for shooting the ball with each character, you continue to expand that memory, by noticing openings and spots that you know you’re character is good for, then you remember the distance your character has to be to make the point. Of course Steph can’t be guarded so I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Anyways these are just the many examples of your brain improving itself, by gaming, now here are the suggested games:

Suggested games for improving brain memory:
  • NBA 2K16 (if you’re a sports guy/gal )
  • Hidden Object Daily
  • Minecraft (This game is good for everything I tell you)
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence (Tactical Warfare)

  • Super MGario 64

One last thing!

Gaming is a stress reliever, an anti-age medicine and nerve medication.

The brain is always on and Video games are always alive to entertain you, I highly reccomend picking up those controllers again, playing with a friend or yourself (Stop that thought) and enjoy improving your brain! I know I should’ve talked more science, but if you guys really want me to I can do a part 2 😉

I’ve been Ginto and I’m Ooout!

Last modified: May 19, 2016