Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE A Cross Between two Famous series!

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Such a weird name was given to the previously named: Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game that was said to be released in the upcoming months maybe like 2 years ago. Now the news gets out about the game actually getting somewhere with a release date and then the name not distinctively, but actually insanely obvious changes to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE in my head I’m just brain farting, and I’m still trying to let one loose. Sorry for the the provocativeness, but this isn’t ComedyNGaming if we aren’t making idiots of ourselves right?! So onwards, the name changes great. Now the content, now that’s a whole different with the same results in the end literally. See if you were expecting a battle cross mashup from the series where it would be badass you were right, Tokyo Mirage Sessions features an amazing new story, but that’s not all there is to it! The devs have focused much more on the combat and even went as far as to say they want you to get hyped about combat! How cool is that?! Here’s a video where Nintendo explains themselves about the hype they are trying to form!

Loved it. watched it?! Fan freaking tastic and blow the monkey. Here’s what I personally enjoy about this, as you come to find out the everyday life of Tokyo is being disrupted by an unknown enemy, well if you really did watch the video the enemy you’ll really know is these random beings are called ‘Mirages’, I figured why mirages when there is many more names to work with, but this kind of fits, not only are these mirages the symbolism of an animism force, they help you understand that your shit is about to get F#$!ED UP! In the entertainment world it will be A MIRAGE heh you not gonna make it. . . Sorry okay so you’ll find this trendy title’s setting to be something you can remember as you are assigned to work for a big entertainment company and are interrupted by these mirages trying to take over and increase in numbers with a combat system like Fire Emblems this will be extremely fun, as I’ve played Awakening and birthright for a week straight, if it’s anything like the series is the story to this will really fit as I mentioned and will pose competition as Atlus and Nintendo team up!  So be prepared to enter your world in the industry and save Japan from certain doom, all while looking fashionably cool and an awesome, different story ahead!


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Last modified: May 20, 2016