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Top 25 Games For The Nintendo 3DS

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IIn the many lists that you may find online, you may ponder to yourself where is this game that I enjoyed so much or even, what game should I buy? Is it worth the money? Or is it something of a disaster and I should avoid playing it. Will all due respect I understand your plea, as I myself find it very hard to read a top 10 or 25 list that mentions games that often give a short catalyst of information about it. No sir, we shall not play with your emotions here on ComedyNGaming, in fact, we are quite the beautiful opposite that you deserve so instead of running our mouths let’s get to the actual list itself.

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Rune Factory 4

25. Rune Factory 4

The rune factory series are beloved by those who play it, it not only shows the purity of slice of life simulators but it plays a significant role in keeping you entertained for 200+ hours. From questing to farming to raising families, Rune Factory 4 should be your escape from reality since it’ll pretty much do half of what life is doing already. Not only does this game take consideration into things you’ve played before like animal crossing or harvest moon or even final fantasy somewhat. It manages to pick their best elements and incorporate them into this game, and in the result, it all works out pretty well.

Planet Robobot

24. Kirby Planet Robobot

Kirby has been making a slow and steady comeback with each game being somewhat better than its last, at least that’s what we’re going for when we play Kirby Planet Robobot. It’s interesting to see Kirby make an appearance in games having various different abilities and slowly progressing into new stages with what seems to be a repetitive setup, but if it’s done well like in the Kirby series it’s going to work, what we mean, for instance is when you have the robot suit, Kirby can then absorb data into it and use an enemies abilities when the data is incorporated. Giving you powers like the cutter, sword, fire, ice, spark and much much more to toy around with in the Kirby universe. Which solves all the complications of you getting bored anytime soon, with the inclusion of amiibo it works well to increase your interaction with the game much more.

Fantasy Life

23. Fantasy Life

Fantasy life is a unique match; you play as a customizable male or female in a vastly large land and not only are you able to customize your character completely, but you’re also able to have different lives or classes in RPGs lingo. You can play as cleric or paladin or even a woodcutter, and there are much more to choose from, the basic idea of each class is to give you the ability to do something in this world that you play in. Not only can you choose a class, but you can top them up and use multiple classes, which help you progress in the game. So if you want the paladin life and also tried out the woodcutter life, you’ll still be able to use both and you don’t have to keep interchanging between them to use them. You’ll have your items equipped at the start, this game is also very significant in terms of what you can do, they have a ranking system which rewards you points towards upgrades to new weapons and arsenals.

Monster Hunter 4

22. Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter is one of those dark souls games where the difficulty and challenge are high, but the result is rewarding, not only are you contrasted with such a strong variation of monsters, but every mission is a boss battle which makes each adventure that much more fun than you would anticipate, monster hunter, however, has a little learning curve and once you get the hang of it, you can push yourself to harder challenges, it features rich character selection, weapons, armor, sidekicks, monsters and much more if you’re into hunting for bounty at a nice challenging pace I suggest you go ahead and try Monster Hunter 4.

Triforce Heroes

21. The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

It goes without saying that your 3DS needs Zelda not because I, Ginto love the series but because it is essentially a great set filled with story, music, depth, color and uniqueness. It was the original founding father of dungeon quest games, but the game mentioned takes this role differently in giving you a good amount of content to let you play amongst your friends, triforce heroes if more focused on a multiplayer experience bringing out the true uniqueness in the Zelda series, with the ability to gain costumes with special powers in them, Link sets off to protect his kingdom once again from the evil that banes it. It’s different from most series because it brings the concept of being able to go online with friends to complete each mission and it focuses heavily on that. Although there is lack through the communications it is still a good game to play for good laughs with friends.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

20. Rhythm Heaven Fever Megamix

Although most of this list consists of physical buy games there are some select few games that we truly do want our fans to try it, he’ll it’s not forever you’re gonna live and you might as well go all out if you’re a gamer. Rhythm heaven fever Megamix is a game that features multiple beat mini-games, where friends and family can join in on the action and enjoy winning or losing in glory as you’re trying to accumulate the most points, essentially what you do in this game is just complete mini-games, if you’re familiar with the WarioWare series of games, this game is exactly like that but if you’re not then in each mini game you get this ridiculous set of objective that is absolutely hilarious to complete like plucking the chin hairs of an onion or screaming into the mic to make a plane fly farther than your opponents. This game is a must play own a 3ds and like playing with friends.

Rhythm Heaven

19. Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Now I factored this series into the list because of how much fun it was to listen to some old classic final fantasy songs and new ones in a rhythm beat game that is a joy to play. Curtain call brings the elements of leveling up and turn based JRPGS from its former family of games and turns it into a work of art. For instance, if your character hits every mark in time your character levels up and can gain a vast arsenal of weaponry to use at your disposal. If you fail you’ll have to OF course start the mission again, boss battles also come into play with enemies giving it the kind of turn based game from the series. Although you’re not taking turns it’s more like which beats you hit on the beat map.

Kid Icarus Uprising

18. Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus has had an interesting history, it’s been almost 20 years since we’ve seen an Icarus series come up for any main consoles, but Masahiro Sakurai has made a decision that brought fans in an uproar and garnered praise, asserting the development of a new Kid Icarus. Uprising. Is a unique game with tough game mechanics that can make it either a hit or miss for the game, but what lacks in hurt in your hands, the game makes up for it by breaking the 4th wall with hilarious cues that almost anyone would fondle over. Aside from that the game features immense action-packed aerial battles and ones on the ground too, with strong and impressive looking enemies. It has some of the best boss fights I have ever played in any series if you’re looking for a cool game to play on the side while awaiting the launch of the Nintendo Switch this s the game we recommend.

Super Mario Bros 2

17. New Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario bros come back from their DS success New Super Mario Bros, with a new version of the classic titled new super Mario bros 2, the series plays on the idea of a coin collectathon kind of game. Where your primary goal in the game is to collect as many coins as possible, with that said there are still many things to do in this game than just that. You use different power-ups including the Tanooki suit that everyone had missed all so much from super Mario bros 3 and we see the return of the feather that gives you the ability to fly once again as Mario and partner Luigi make the moves to fight the evil ruining the mushroom kingdom.


16. Project X Zone

If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy games, then you’re going to love playing as your favorite Sega, Bandai, Capcom and monolith soft characters in this game, you can guess what the X stands for in Project X Zone, this is a crossover game that features characters like, Ryu, Mega Man, Zero, Jin, Dante and more in this series you play as a group of individuals who travel multiple dimensions in order to stop a menace who’s trying to destroy the world, this game features a different type of RPG using tactical combos and the use of side characters to assist you on your kill. You find yourself enjoying it much often than not when you have over 90 crossover characters in the game.


15. Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

The Mario RPG series has been a long time fan favorite amongst gamers; we’ve honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better than to have to strategize on how to correctly execute a move against a Goomba than this series of games, in this game you play as Mario, Luigi and a special guest. Paper Mario yes this is another crossover series that manages to keep you entertained on a Mario skin, in this game your mainly trying to defeat bowser and paper bowser as they have imposed on each other’s world. Of course stealing the princesses again, but this game is a bit more immersive because it features a paper 2D and Model 3D.

Kingdom Hearts

14. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Never played a Kingdom Hearts game ever? Well I’m sorry to do this, but CNG is going to have to forbid you from doing so. Obviously we’re kidding. Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that competes in the gaming world as a franchise with heart, and not just because it’s in the title, but because it manages to keep the contrast and balance between the use of the child~ish Disney Characters, and Square Enix’s characters. Dream Drop Distance gives you a lot of sidekick creatures you can use and upgrade to make stronger, and this marks one of the first games you get to play as Riku, Sora’s Rival/Best Friend, and it’s cool. As you earn unique weapons that are exclusive to those characters you played and earned them with, as well as the creatures, you find and use in your party.

Luigi's Mansion 2

13. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi has made a return for the 3DS and he’s coming back from his mansion series, one of the most popular series for the gamecube and Luigi himself. You attempt to find ghosts that lay hidden deep within several mansions in order to obtain pieces of the Dark Moon. The moon is said to keep all of the ghosts in check after Luigi completed his quest in the previous Luigi’s Mansion series I won’t spoil that for you, but if even if you don’t know what happened previously you can play this game without worrying about the details, and I’m sure catching ghosts with a flashlight and vacuum is far more fun than you think, as each level features different ghouls and bosses in the end of course as with any game, it’s just really fun to play so you should check it out.


12. Mario Party Star Rush

The Mario series has been a long time favorite for me, starting with the Nintendo 64 Days. When it was first developed, I remember gathering my friends and family and coming around trying to beat each other at multiple mini games and try to take advantage of the items we received inside of item blocks either messing up one another’s amount of coins or stars as well. Mario Party Star Rush makes an excellent comeback from Mario Party 10 which personally wasn’t the best of both worlds. With the different categories and challenges you can play in Mario Party Star Rush, you’re going to be stuck inside this little world for a few hours, collecting coins, stars, minigames, power ups and more, I especially love the Coin Race mode, where you continually play a variation of mini games and collect as many coins as you can trying to race to the finish line. In this version of the series you’re going to be entertained by not just the modes but the unlock ables that you can collect. Pick this up, if you’re up for a treat.

yoshi island

11. New Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi’s Island lets you play as your favorite green weird dinosaur from the Mario series, in this series however it is your job to get baby Mario back to the safety of his home trying to avoid the minions of future Koopa King, Bowser Jr. It’s a fun game where platforming and using Yoshi eggs can only take you so far; this game is also going to let you enjoy a little comedic story about the Mario universe in the perspective of his pet? Dinosaur.


10. Bravely Default

If you like JRPG games and love their unique ability to tell a long story in a fun way then you’re going to love Bravely Default, it’s a game where you’re able to change class systems and play in a party of 4, each character different and able to change classes as well. Fundamentally keeping with the leveling system of JRPGs this game finds several ways to use the 3DS in a manner that contributes to your progress in game, like the streetpass feature that allows you to walk past people and find their monsters in game, leveling up your characters and gaining bonus items from easy to ultra rare. You also try to rebuild your lost village and primarily use streetpass as workers to construct and increase rank for buildings. Bravely Default focuses on going back in time; this lets you use special moves in the beginning before your character was killed by any monsters, a special tool indeed. The game also features micro transactions so be wary and enjoy!

Fire Emblem

9. Fire Emblem: Awakening

The fire emblem series has had its ups and downs with games we refuse to mention in order to keep its high authority of one of the best turn based strategy games, it incorporates permadeath which basically means that if you get the shit kicked out of your character then you can never use that particular character ever again throughout the game, it’s one of those games where every decision you make can compromise the success of keeping all of your team alive, and don’t just think when you die you’ll come back with all the characters you had before, because there will be a new character for every other character that dies. Sorry. This is one of those games that will hurt you in the feels and also retrieves them giving you a blessed experience.

mario-kart 7

8. Mario Kart 7

I highly recommend that if you never tried a Mario Kart series before you should try revisiting some games of its past if that’s not possible get this game for your collection. Not only does it pick up where Mario Kart DS left off, but it topples it with content over content and full-fledged hours long experience. Driving with the Mario characters is fun especially when you’re trying to get in first place and mainly collect everything within the game, race along and see who’s first in Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/ Omega Ruby

7. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

There will be 2 Pokémon games in this list and that’s all, Pokémon has long been a fan favorite for us gamers, because we loved the idea of capturing species upon species of Pokémon in order to be the #1 Pokémon trainer, Pokémon has had a long history with breathing fantasy stories to life which amazing quality of detail and essential rules that we follow for our Poké strategies to work, for example knowing the difference in fairy type Pokémon and dark type Pokémon, strengths and weaknesses, Alpha Sapphire is much more than a remake it’s a whole new game of Ruby and Sapphire versions of Pokémon, in this game the legendary are many as you can capture most of them in this game, in case you were missing out of course, and it captured the details of the original versions of the games, by improving in the visuals doing 3D renditions, and adding extra story with new Pokémon to capture in the game. New areas to explore and more, if you love the series like we do then you should be sure to finish this game capturing whatever you can and bringing it to the next generation.

animal crossing new leaf

6. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (updated)

Animal crossing is one of the most peaceful games you’ll ever play, and I don’t mean that it’ll be boring, but kinder than your average game, it requires your soul to play and we’re not talking about it being a reaper, the game features a wide variety of things to do, it’s using a real time gameplay style which makes you have to visit the game everyday on certain real time hours where stores and shops are open at the time, it requires you to earn money and flip bells (the currency) for profit as much as you can in order to upgrade your hometown, in this game you get to befriend many animals and visit new areas playing mini games earning fish, fossils, paintings and more to complete a museum and with the new update it features amiibo so you can continue collecting more items and decorate your house or character the way you like it. If you’re into causal peaceful games then Naipaul crossing should be your go to stress relief.

super mario 3d land

5. Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land features a luxurious Mario experience where Nintendo manages the 3D effectively and it’s out to good use on the 3DS allowing you to find hidden items and star coins by switching your 3DS camera in, you don’t absolutely need it but it’s there to help improve the experience, in this Mario game the tanooki suit comes back, with the boomerang power up and we even see the rare mega mushroom from New Super Mario Bros, I personally like 3D Land because it’s one of the best visual representations of what the 3DS can do and how it has progressed since its predecessors in the past.

Pokemon sun and moon

4. Pokémon Sun & Moon

This game is a work of art, this is the first time the Pokémon series comes out of its normal regions of Asia. Pokémon comes out to a Hawaii look like Pokémon region named Alola, you play as a boy who travels to a new home and in a quest to become the strongest Pokémon trainer, you find out about the legendary Pokémon that have been on the island for centuries protecting the people. Now you have to deal with monsters from other universes to protect your world, this game is a game changer literally, you make use of mega evolutions, z rings that enable ultimate moves for various Pokémon. This game also takes Kanto Pokémon and turns them into an Alola form, where all of the Kanto Pokémon have differing variations from their standard types that were usually encountered in previous series. This is truly a fantastic game that we have to recommend to any fan and to those who’ve never played, if you like turn based strategy games that offer a unique experience than any other definitely add this to you collection.

super smash bros

3. Super Smash Bros For 3DS

Super smash bros is definitely a fun, competitive uproar of a game, you initially are facing off against the dozens of Nintendo mascots to see who is the best, in the 3DS version of this game it’s insane how much was packed into it from its port of the Wii U version, it seems like it was just made for the 3DS and not two consoles overall. In the 3DS version there are several challenges and game modes you can play in case you just don’t want to do a smash brawl only, the game also features exclusive characters from other companies like capcom and square Enix, and sega which really goes to show how far the series has come to be allowed to have these character within them. There are also exclusive maps for this version of the game using other 3DS game titles. While the Wii U features maps that were designed for other Wii U games released in the past. Super Smash bros for the 3DS is a must have for your 3DS collection

Star Fox 64

2. Star Fox 64

I know it’s strange to put a remake for the 2nd top game on the list, but I honestly believe it’s worth it if you’ve played the original star fox 64 you’ll understand what we mean. Star Fox 64 was and is a game where space flight is possible, and you need to destroy several asteroids, enemy ships, mechs and more to succeed in your space expeditions when Nintendo remade the game they took a masterpiece and turned it into an even more beautiful barrel roll. With updated graphic visuals and extra content and a new multiplayer mode although it was a bit half-assed with lack of online multiplayer so in order for you to enjoy an authentic multiplayer experience you needed to be nearby a person with a 3DS, but aside from that we found this game to be a must need to pick up because it is entertaining, fun and really pushes the nostalgic attraction we get when we see Slippy acting a fool.

Link Between Worlds

1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

You know we just had to include this class game for you try out it, we ranked it as our #1 Editor’s Choice game for its ability to return to the series formula and make it anew using non-linear options to go about completing the game. The primary focus of development for this game was to prioritize the non-linear formula; that was the Zelda series. I have to say that Mr. Aonuma did a pretty excellent job, You play as Link, a hero who’s destined by the great goddesses of Hylia to overcome evil and destroy it from the ground up. Much like A Link To The Past the predecessor of this game, you set foot into Hyrule switching between the dark and light worlds; your goal is to gather the sages together and stop Ganon from coming back from his imprisonment. Using paintings are the central ability, which allows you to force Link into a drawing that enables him to fit into even the tightest nooks and crannies( see how we didn’t make that sexual 😉 ), anyways this game brings a breath of fresh air to the all so popular franchise and we are happy that it turned out the way it did. We really recommend you to pick up this game.

Last modified: February 16, 2017