Way Back Wednesday: Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)

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What’s up internet people! It’s the homie GODmadethunder here and I’m pleased to be bringing  you guys and gals the very first edition of Way Back Wednesday!! 

The first ever retro gem we will be revisiting is Star Fox 64 for the beloved N64. Today marks the 19th year anniversary of this bad boy, also Star Fox Zero was released for the Wii U just last week. I’m not sure how Zero stacks up against 64 because I haven’t been able to play it for myself as of yet, but from what I’ve been hearing it sounds like a decent addition to the franchise. The fans have been BEGGING for a new star fox game that’s actually good and it seems that Uncle Miyamoto has delivered. (As expected of course).


Too much fun in one picutre.

So what can i say about Star Fox 64 other than it’s an absolute classic? It unarguably set the standard for a series that was already revolutionary in its own right. The action starts as soon as you turn on your console, we get an introduction of all the characters and even the arwing get its 5 seconds of fame.


You play as a fox and your squad consists of a bird, a hare, and a toad.

The evil Andross is attacking the Lylat System and its up to team Star Fox to rescue it. The game has a sort of Megaman setup to it, where as you progress through the game you can choose where you want to go next. The controls are what you would expect from a first party Nintendo game, very fluid but sharp at the same time and that’s exactly whats needed in a game where there is constant commotion on the screen. A lot of N64 games don’t necessarily age that well *COUGH CASTLEVANIA COUGH* but this game is not one of them largely due to the gameplay style. The 3D flying style that was introduced in the original Star Fox is perfected to a tee. The boss battles are fairly easy, in most of them all you have to do is find a weak point and blast away whilst barrel rolling all the projectiles thrown at you. The battle with team Star Wolf is just straight up epic and I love the character interactions that happen. Be prepared for the nightmares that will follow after the fight with Andross, he is probably the creepiest final boss in video game history. Seriously.



Two of my favorite things in this game have to be the characters and their voice acting. Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Fox McCloud are all very lovable and memorable characters. So much so that two of them have been in the Smash Bros. games. They all have the coolest one liners and it’s always fun to hear them complain when you shoot their arwing down lmao. (Sorry Call of Duty players, friendly fire is enabled in this game).

If you’ve never played this game that has to change immediately, whether it’s the 3DS remake or the original cartridge. Star Fox 64 is a must own. An easy 10 out of 10 from me.

That’s all for this Wednesday, be sure to tune in next week to see what retro gold we will dig out from adolescence! Until then, GODmadethunder out.

Last modified: May 25, 2016