Yooka Laylee New Trailer and Release date

Yooka-Laylee Opening the world of 90s gaming again

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Yooka-Laylee is a game about a fantastic reptile who seeks adventure in order to save his friends from a world of parallel destruction, the only uplifting thing about this is that you’ll be getting a taste of Banjo-Kazooie mixed in with the oldie platforming games in order to replenish your collectathon old school needs, with many games going back to the roots such as A HAT IN TIME by Gears for Breakfast you’ll be happy to understand that these older timers are looking new, modern, more polished and more beautiful than ever, but enough of the Masked warrior’s rambling on let’s do this!

Yooka Laylee Platforming game

The beauty in Modern Platforming

See the beauty in modern platforming is that you’re going to experience something more significant than your existence, I’m talking cool shit all the way, what’s beautiful though? Me of course, no? Alright then okay for real the beauty is that you have so many technologies to use and conjure up, possibilities are limitless, including making the game even huger than previous spiritual predecessors, when you can expand an idea and make it greater than you had thought of it to begin with this creates this awesome dream of yours which is pursuing the living hell out of all that is gaming. Well working together and gathering up the leftovers from the massive bombing at Rare, a studio emerged called Playtonic they set their sights on a much larger goal which was to bring back what all of us had remembered as platforming, awesome collecting, fun and entertaining story, and the same for Gameplay. Many people believed this would end short termed as the once critically acclaimed Mighty No. 9 has been flopping as of recent, but this is actually a different story with a new trailer showing an immensely fun looking game, it’s also pushing up the release date for Q1 2017 which basically means in normal people English, The first four months of the year Jan – April so anywhere around this time the game should be completely polished and released.

Yooka Laylee Train and Trailer

What is Yooka Laylee and is it Worth a try?

Yooka-Laylee was an idea from an indie developer who also ex-rare Employee wanted to share with the rest of the world, although the chances were Zero to none when getting this project off the ground from KickStarter, chances were taken and ideally they were for the best, upon announcement of the project on KickStarter; Backers immediately swarmed at the idea that a revitalization of a genre would be coming to current gen consoles for all to enjoy. Now before we talk about this game being worth it or not I’m just going to say that No matter whatever my damn opinion is, don’t take it to the heart I have no time for that. Thanks. Is Yooka-Laylee worth a try? Well of f****** course! You kidding me? If you haven’t played those old school Banjo Zooie games then you’re slacking and need to get back out there and explore your heritage. This game looks fresh, pretty, fun, sleek and much more and if you can’t even think to imagine something like that then you’re absolutely crazy. This game is going to bring you back man I tell ya, it will. Don’t just let me talk about it and rant on, I want you guys to really see how awesome this game will be.


Do you see how epic that massive overworld is? Or how about those cool enemies rolling in or what about the damn bat you have as your partner, this is going to be really a fun time for all you guys and gals out there, it seems to have many mini-games you can enjoy playing and even the arcade level might even have some games to play, Atari or something! I know I’ve been rambling, but we’ll be closing this off by sharing the release date which we have before, but we will move to it now just in case 😉

Release Date: Q1 2017 (Supposed)

Last modified: August 15, 2016