Anime(Short-Film): SHELTER Porter Robinson Animation

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SHELTER is Beautiful.

So now that we’ve recently decided on opening up an Anime/Manga section here on ComedyNGaming, we’ve been stumbling across the web looking for some awesome new content to show you. With that being said we’ve found this awesome, beautiful, but sad/happy story where the feels are everywhere. SHELTER is Porter Robinson x Madeon’s rendition of what creative minds might think alike teaming up with A-1 Studios(Animators) and Crunchyroll(Publishers) to create this short film, it features a 17-year old girl that goes by name of Rin Voiced by Sachika Misawa, she is in the center of everything where the worlds’ she creates are limitless and as she is able to create anything through the tablet she has in her hands she seeks adventure, but it comes at a cost of her being by herself. This story has a lot of meaning and generally it really just gives you good feels all around. It features an original soundtrack by Porter Robinson himself which is of course named: SHELTER. As Rin wakes up every day in a virtual reality simulation all she can do is create and imagine worlds and scenarios she invisions. As the world revolves around her, you find that she is not without emotions and memories. I highly implore you to go check out the film yourselves and give Porter loads of support, not only can we hope to see a future serialization installment for this possible series, but we just love how much you can gather just by watching a short 6 minute video so either check out the video above or go to crunchyroll or youtube to check the video out all linked below.

Crunchyroll and YouTube.

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Last modified: November 24, 2016